A walk down the memory lane; the smart tactic of Blockchain republic

Keep yourself totally aware of the fact that if you want a digital or cybernetic citizen ship, there are innovative options readily available in front of you. These include the Soviet Land and Satoshi Nakamoto Republic on blockchain along with many others.

Incentives of Blockchain Republic

It is undeniable that Bitcoin passports that are issued generally have coin offering. However,most of the time it is unlikely that this offering would cease to satisfy you . What might trigger your interest is the incentives blockchain republics would offer you in return. They may include:

  • Their promise of social justice
  • Voting rights

    USSR Nostalgia Rekindled

    A concept behind crypto state or a blockchain republic is not a new chapter in the book of bitcoin. However, what is new and ground breaking is the evolving marketing strategy for selling the bitcoin. The creators behind this project are attempting to play with the emotions of the citizen by rekindling the nostalgic memories.

    They want the citizens to go back in time and revitalize the decades old principles on the basis of which the very foundation of Soviet Russia was placed. In this way they would realize that the same state which is now being politically built on the grounds of furthering bitcoin dealings is different.

    The soviet Russia came in to being as a result of the collapse of USSR. However after the declaration the blockchain! based Soviet land within the Russian legislature the citizens are given assurance. In this way there would be no room of complaints from the Russian citizen’s side that their political liberty did not granted them any economic opulence.

    Soviet Union Cryto Rubble

    This block is a digital remake of USSR which has its own citizenship, set of rules and security system. The people who are targeted are the ones that were born in Russia that was prior disintegration and their children. This blockchain has its own bitcoin which is called Soviet Union Cryto Rubble. This currency:

  • Supports all transaction in the Soviet blockchain
  • >Used In directing payments at international level and within the virtual state between individuals.

    The new citizens also benefit through this virtual state. The national bitcoin funds would compensate for the people’s saving in the Russian banks. However, the propagators of Blockchain state must answer the foremost confronting question. Can the Soviet land’s bitcoin can be exchanged with approval or withdrawn after the request of the holder?

    What the Soviet land creator, Andrey Milenin assures that the virtual citizens can participate in government activities and get social justice on the same footing as the others. However what brings a big question mark in the minds of the Soviet blockchain citizens is very noticeable. How could a blockchain safeguard their social rights and give them social justice given that it is decentralized?

    Blockchain Republic Named After The Bitcoin Creator

    So the virtual citizens are left with the last appealing option. This is the blockchain republic in the Satoshi Nakamoto City. This project has a totally different arena in store for its virtual citizens. They are planning to raise funds through initial coin offerings so that they can purchase a separate island where Satoshi Nakamoto City will be built and the decentralized virtual blockchain republic can be established.

    This blockchain republic will restore its identity by erecting monuments of the mastermind behind bitcoin and name the virtual state after his name.

    The virtual Satoshi Monument will be erected at exactly the same point where the statue of the most influential leader and founder of Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin used to be. This will mark the staunch validity of the blockchain republic.

    With the creation of Satoshi blockchain republic there will be a totally refined mode of governance where people would be allowed to vote without any falsifications. The right of voting will extent to envoys and congressmen as well.

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