Will Woo Commerce be a favorable move for Bitcoin?

The news of adoption of new method of involving crypto merchants through online source has reached San Francisco. This news has travelled all its way from Wall Street to Australia. Coinbase, which is the leading Bitcoin bank in the United States have declared a recent innovation in its banking strategy. They are planning to enhance and further spread their commerce section that deals with trading by introducing Woo commerce.

This software can be easily downloaded from Github via plugin. The Woo commerce software will strive to make the merchants to get acquainted with bitcoin for their online trading.

Why Woo Commerce for Bitcoin

The reason why Coinbase has decided to introduce Woo Commerce in their payment method is that most of the online merchants are comfortable with this method. They are accustomed to use it for their payments and that’s why it is the most well-known imbursement podium among the online merchants.

Benefit of Woo-commerce to the businesses that deal through Bitcoin

Given the fact that in order to attract more merchants in to cryptocurrency, Woo Commerce has been decided by the US leading Bitcoin! bank. This will give the US banking an advantageous stance in these ways:

  • Woo Commerce will give businesses an admission to make their customers all around the globe to give payments in bitcoin

  • Different countries would, as a result, adopt Woo Commerce in their payment method.
  • Coinbase would finally achieve its goal of open financial system.

    Merchants Are Made Satisfied

    Merchants are made contented by the given recent and innovative choices in payment through San Francisco cryptobank. The payment that earlier came by pressing the React button have now been modified by the insertion of Coinbase functionality.

    Moreover, this Bitcoin bank is also integrating different programming languages such as Python and Ruby. In this way merchants are attracted to this new reform in the Coinbase banking strategy. They are also pleased by the fact that acceptance payment fees has not been made necessary upon them.

    Coinbase Further Involvements

    Along with these meagre moves in revitalizing its banking strategy and attracting more online merchants for Bitcoin trading, Coinbase has also indulged in different financial activities. Some of them are:

  • They have geared their resources and efforts on their active involvement in official and recognized financial products
  • They are also initiating an index fund that is based on Bitcoin
  • They are also engaged in eating up authorizations such as Bitlicense
  • >They have procured Paradax exchange
  • And their next move is extending their influence in Japan.

    In the nutshell

    There is no doubt in the fact that the market that is catered to payment processes is enormous and beyond measure. If anyone asks for evidence which will decipher the enormity of this payment market you can solely refer to the Wall Street recent announcement of incorporating all the retails through Bakkt. The name of Bakkt itself is enough to do justice for its measure and will also be a reply to the inquiry about the size of the market.

    Let Us Briefly Explore What iIs Bakkt

    The Bakkt Company is a collaboration between the owners of NewYork Stock exchange and three leading companies such as Microsoft , Starbucks and BCG in order to revive the faltering phase of Bitcoin. The inauguration of this company heralds a golden time for Bitcoin. Through this company, the risk surrounding Bitcoin would diminish and it will find itslep propelling inexorably towards mainstream mode of payment.

    At Present

    Now the space in the payment market is getting a bit crammed up. However amidst the crowd what gave Coinbase a more advantageous position is:

  • its ability to be a first stepper or initiator in getting Woo commerce
  • a thumbs up brand identification
  • having a host of licenses
  • winning trust among the weathermen.

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