A look at the two cool tidbits regarding blockchain technology

Many of the experts and media professionals have envisioned a bright future for India as becoming a leading country regarding blockchain technology. Australia offers an online course on blockchain to teach the students how to use this technology most effectively.

Blockchain in India

It is predicted that within five years, India will have an esteemed standing among the leaders of blockchain technology. India has gone through tough times regarding bans and pending regulations regarding bitcoin, but the hope hasn’t died yet. This prediction and analysis is the result of the survey conducted by PWC Global Consultancy and is cited by the Indian press.

The findings of the study

The Economic Times reported that the participants in the study were 600 executives from 15 countries. The results of the study were:

  • 84% of the participants claimed that their companies are actively involved in the blockchain technology
  • One-fourth of the sample said that their organizations had blockchain technology still in progress
  • One third have their projects in development
  • One-fifth of the participants are seeking new opportunities and possibilities in the blockchain.

    It is undeniable that the financial markets in the US, China, and Australia are far ahead regarding full-fleshed advanced blockchain technology as the poll suggested. Sreeram Ananthasayanam, who is a partner of PwC India, claims that blockchain technology will only see a bright future on India if its supporters will augment their trust upon the transactions of assets that they carry out.

    The Partner at PWC India further asserts that blockchain can only be implemented in India if a carefully thought out business plan is initiated. This includes keeping in mind the necessary investments, a comprehensive network of rules and proficiencies along with a preemptive plan for supervisory approaches.

    Blockchain education in Australia

    In response to the rising demand from the developers, blockchain education is issued through an online course in Australia. Local media reported that RMIT University in Melbourne is conducting an online teaching program to the students to assist them in build blockchain apps and increase their credentials in the arena of DLT technologies. RMIT University found that although the students knew a lot about blockchain technology, none of them had the idea of how to make use of it. Therefore the course filled this gap, and it was so successful that the first batch of the course was sold in 48 hours.