Dovre Group Plc: SHARE REPURCHASE 12.2.2018

Helsinki, Finland, 2018-02-12 17:30 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

Dovre Group Plc ANNOUNCEMENT  12.2.2018
Dovre Group Plc: SHARE REPURCHASE 12.2.2018  
In the Helsinki Stock Exchange    
Trade date           12.2.2018  
Bourse trade                    Buy  
Share                           DOV1V  
Amount             2 000 Shares
Average price/ share    0.2710 EUR
Total cost            542.00 EUR
Dovre Group Plc  now holds a total of 609 946 shares  
including the shares repurchased on 12.2.2018  
On behalf of Dovre Group Plc    
Nordea Bank AB (publ), Finnish Branch    
Janne Sarvikivi           Ilari Isomäki  
For more information, please contact:    
Dovre Group Plc    
Patrick von Essen, CEO of Dovre Group Plc  
Tel. 020 436 2000