Success Entertainment Group International, Inc.: Mr. Steve Chen, One of the Asian Top Speakers, Launches “Code of Success” Videos on Internet Entrepreneur Platforms

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Success Entertainment Group International Inc. (OTCQB:SEGN) Mr. Steve Chen, Chairman of the Board of the Company, licenses Shen Zhen SEGN to launch a series of “Code of Success” videos, via Wechat’s self-operated platform, which has become an educational and entrepreneurial platform. Members that enroll on the platform have been increasing rapidly on a daily basis since its first video rollout on December 17, 2017. The platform attracted over 30,000 people in just one month. As of February 5, 2018, accumulated members reached 34 thousand with a total income of over 350 thousand RMB. As members have indicated: “We only paid 1 RMB per episode or 99 RMB with VIP membership and unlimited access per year, and we get to enjoy wonderful content that each episode has to offer; a true bargain.”

Since December 2017, 5 episodes of “Code of Success” have been rolled out on the platform; these are: Episode One: “How to be Number One in the Line of Business That You Are In”; Episode Two: “The Golden Rule of Making A Champion Team”; Episode Three: “People That Make 100 Million RMB in One Minute”; Episode Four: “Codes to Making a Fortune”; and Episode Five: “Codes of Wealth Training”. Beginning February 5, 2018, 8 new episodes in the form of dialogues and interviews are to be added to the “Code of Success” series. These episodes focus on “Master of Success vs. Master of Chinese Literature, Master of Yi Jing and Master of Feng Shui,” in order to promote good fortune in 2018. In these episodes, the content will be centered on how to get rid of bad luck and usher in good luck during the Chinese New Year holidays, in the year of Dog, with the aim of helping people earn fortunes in the coming lunar New Year. In addition, on Wechat, 5 mini-drama movies with a “positive energy” theme were launched alongside the first “Code of Success” videos in December 2017. In summary, each episode taps into in-depth commentary on films, sports, prominent people in the finance world, and more. The goal is to share Steve Chen’s short videos with his global fans in appreciation of their support for nearly 30 years.

Mr. Steve Chen stated: “In recent years, thanks to the fast development of the worldwide mobile internet video market, which greatly changes the form in which videos are produced, Success Entertainment Group International, Inc. shall continue focusing my brand name and utilizing our vast fan club database in order to generate more “Code of Success” video series, which are to be sent out to the top three video sharing platforms in China and SEGN’s self-operated media platform. By sharing videos with worldwide members and in the meantime attracting more members, SEGN’s ultimate goal is to build a large fan club database so as to establish platforms through internet, education and online shopping.” Please log on to for stream lining of various videos.

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Success Entertainment Group International Inc. (OTCQB:SEGN), is an e-commerce based organization focusing on membership database platform buildup. Our company has been awarded operational IP rights by one of Asia’s prominent inspirational speakers, Steve Chen, through his fans global database. Over the years, Mr. Chen’s Company has accumulated enormous membership data streamlining through to e-commerce and video platforms in Asia, creating substantial revenue. Our strategy for the company is to acquire or partner with platforms alike, and apply the aforementioned fans databases, which spreads to the more than 100-million-person consumer population in Asia. Such revenue streams may contribute viable and steady growth to the Company.

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