Resonance Consultancy has just released the latest edition of the most comprehensive U.S. city ranking on the planet.

Resonance Consultancy today announced the America's 100 top-performing cities in their annual America's Best Cities Report.

New York, June 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Resonance Consultancy today announced the America's 100 top-performing cities in their annual America's Best Cities Report.

A leading advisor in real estate, economic development and placemaking, Resonance's Best Cities rankings quantify and benchmark the relative quality of place, reputation and competitive identity for U.S. cities with metropolitan populations of 500,000 or more. They are lauded as the world's most thorough city ranking, based on original methodology that analyzes key statistics as well as user-generated reviews and online activity in channels such as Alphabet , Facebook and Instagram.

"Our Best Cities rankings have been the global benchmark for measuring city performance since 2014, used by global governments and media like National Geographic and AFAR to evaluate trajectory of the world’s urban centers large and small,” says Resonance President & CEO Chris Fair. “The Best Cities rankings are composed of experiential factors that people consider most important in choosing a city to live and visit, as well as empirical factors that business decision-makers consider important for business or investment.”

As a result, Resonance's Best Cities rankings don't just consider cities as places to live, work or visit, but take a more holistic approach using a wide range of factors that show positive correlations with attracting employment, investment and/or visitors. These range from the number of culinary experiences and museums, to the number of Global 500 corporations, direct flight connections and mentions each city has on Instagram.

Based on each city's performance in the 23 factors analyzed in 2021, these are America's Best Cities for 2021:

1) New York

2) Los Angeles

3) Chicago

4) San Francisco

5) Boston

6) San Diego

7) Washington

8) Denver

9) Phoenix Solar

10) San Jose

The full ranking of the top 100 cities is available at

And why does a ranking of America's cities matter now?

"The data collected for this year's rankings provides a snapshot of the performance of these cities coming out of the pandemic," says Resonance President & CEO Chris Fair. “Our 2021 America’s Best Cities ranking is the first city performance evaluation of the post-pandemic era. It explores how cities are positioning themselves for imminent reinvention and long-term resilience today and in the years ahead.”

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