Announcement of call-in of Certificate of Deposit (CBI2016) issued by the Central Bank of Iceland

Reference is made to the prospectus for the Certificate of Deposit, CBI2016, issued by the Central Bank of Iceland on 3 June 2016, in accordance with sub-point b of point 3 of Article 7 in the Rules of the Central Bank of Iceland, no. 553/2009, on transactions of financial undertakings with the Central Bank of Iceland, cf. Article 9 Act on the Central Bank of Iceland, no. 36/2001. The Certificate was issued in connection with the implementation of law on the Treatment of ISK assets, which is subject to special restrictions no. 37/2016. The above-mentioned law was repealed by the Foreign Exchange Act no. 70/2021, which was published on 25 June 2021.

The Certificate of Deposit has no final maturity date, but according to the provisions of the Certificate, the Central Bank may call in the Certificates of Deposit in part or in full from the date of issue. The Central Bank handles payments for the call-in of the Certificates of Deposit.

With reference to the above, it is hereby announced that the Central Bank of Iceland has decided to call in the aforementioned Certificate of Deposit CBI2016 on 1 July 2021 for Icelandic krónur. The recalled nominal value of the certificates will be handed over to the relevant owners of the Central Bank's management accounts.

The certificate of deposit will subsequently be delisted from the Nasdaq central securities depository.