Urbana Corporation announces investment in Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC


TORONTO, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urbana Corporation (TSX & CSE: URB & URB.A)

Urbana Corporation (“Urbana”) is pleased to announce it has closed on a $10.5 million investment in Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (“BOT”) www.blueoceantechnologiesllc.com, a private company, for approximately 37% of that organization. This investment is held through Urbana International Inc., a Delaware incorporated wholly owned subsidiary of Urbana.

BOT has recently established an Alternative Trading System which allows the trading of U.S. listed equities from 8pm ET to 4am ET, for investors, including those based in the Asia-Pacific region, who will now be able to trade U.S. equities during their daytime hours.

We see this venture as holding great potential in terms of trading volumes, data sourcing and revenues.

The team at BOT is made up of highly experienced security trading platform and Wall Street professionals.

On behalf of Urbana’s Board of Directors
Thomas S. Caldwell, C.M.


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The long-term goal of Urbana is to seek and acquire investments for income and capital appreciation through a combination of public and private investments. The mix of an actively managed portfolio of publicly traded securities with private equity investments ensures non-committed assets are productively employed as we seek out, evaluate and participate in opportunities within the non-public sphere.

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Elizabeth Naumovski, Investor Relations
enaumovski@urbanacorp.com or 416-595-9106

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