Digital Home Buying Just Got a Facelift

Interior Marketing Group Launches New PropTech Platform for Real Estate Agents and Developers

New York, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perhaps one of the most surprising ways in which the world has been forever changed by the pandemic is the new emphasis on the importance of home. And while COVID-19 restrictions are lifting globally, the pandemic’s effects on real estate marketing and home buying experiences are here to stay.  Full-service property marketing and design firm Interior Marketing Group (IMG) is changing the way buyers envision their future homes and leading the charge toward the next era of real estate marketing with the launch of a new, cutting-edge PropTech platform. The comprehensive property design suite includes Rendered Staging, Design360, 3D Rendered Tours, Bespoke3D, and a new Rendered-to-Reality service that seamlessly installs digitally designed spaces in real life.

With over a decade of industry experience designing for A-list sellers and buyers, IMG’s new virtual tools allow real estate brokers and developers to differentiate their listings in the midst of today’s post-COVID real estate boom. In a seller’s market where physical staging is not always necessary, IMG’s web-based digital offerings provide the same level of design expertise and execution needed to make listings stand out, but at a fraction of the cost and time. IMG’s unique and digitized inventory of proprietary furniture, bespoke decor, and custom art position the firm to create one-of-a-kind rendered stagings- a necessary step up from impersonal, low-quality virtual staging- and to install those exact designs in person if needed.

“Challenging times breed innovation,” says Cheryl Eisen, a serial entrepreneur, Founder and President of Interior Marketing Group. “As leaders in the design world, it was imperative to create new solutions that empower our clients to overcome industry hurdles and changes to the status quo. Our new PropTech offerings do just that,” she continues.

Well-known for its signature style, which has been featured in some of the most prominent residential developments in New York City, The Hamptons, Miami, Boston, Chicago, and more, IMG’s new PropTech tools democratize the company’s award-winning design expertise for properties of all shapes, sizes, budgets, and locations. IMG’s property design technology offerings are available for listings both nationally and internationally. 

In addition to seamlessly transitioning from virtual to physical design, sellers can boost their listing’s exposure with futuristic 3D Rendered Tours, 360 Virtual Tours coined Design360, and cloud-based Bespoke3D, which allows viewers to select and change materials, finishes, paint colors, textures, and furniture in a real-time, 3D environment. All three VR-based offerings give viewers a holistic look at IMG-designed properties and help potentially risk-averse home buyers feel more comfortable envisioning their final home throughout the buying process.

“It’s our belief that virtual showings and 3D digital buying experiences will become the norm even now that COVID-19 has become manageable. We’re thrilled to be able to offer these tools to savvy sellers who want to lead the next era of real estate sales,” Eisen says.To learn more about IMG’s new digital design offerings, head to

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