Allot Protects Subscribers From the Flubot Banking Trojan by Blocking Connection to Cybercriminals’ Servers

Allot NetworkSecure zero-touch, clientless cybersecurity solution protected subscribed customers from connecting to Flubot servers more than 140 million times in Europe.

Hod Hasharon, Israel, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ: ALLT) (TASE: ALLT), a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security-as-a-service (SECaaS) solutions for communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises, today announced that their NetworkSecure cybersecurity solution has successfully blocked more than 140 million attempts to connect with the command and control servers used by the Flubot banking Trojan in Europe in  the three month period of March to May.


Flubot is a banking Trojan that has been spreading quickly through Europe and may continue to spread to additional countries soon. The attack is localized for each country, mimicking local delivery apps that look and feel exactly like the real apps. Once a phone is infected, the Trojan gathers information about which banking and payment apps the owner uses, and then sends this data to a command and control (C&C) server operated by cybercriminals. The next time the user tries to use one of those apps the C&C server sends an overlay that exactly mimics the real app’s login page. It intercepts the user’s credentials and sends them to the cybercriminals.


The Allot NetworkSecure solution, deployed in the mobile operator’s network, successfully mitigates the damage caused by Flubot and other malware by blocking attempts to connect to the C&C server, thereby keeping subscribers’ devices and bank accounts safe, with no need for subscribers to download or update any security software.


NetworkSecure is a network-based cybersecurity service platform, offering zero-touch, clientless operation, requiring no application installation by the end customer. With NetworkSecure, the service provider can offer its customers protection from cybersecurity threats, including malware, viruses, phishing and ransomware. An easy-to-use interface provides branded alerts and reporting that help strengthen brand loyalty. NetworkSecure is the market leader in the growing network-based, mass-market cybersecurity category, protecting more than 20 million mobile users globally. Allot reports that some service providers have achieved up to 50% adoption rates with subscriber services based on NetworkSecure.


“To combat Flubot, some service providers are simply warning customers not to click on suspicious links. But for CSPs who have deployed NetworkSecure, they can tell subscribers that they were not at risk in the first place. That’s the peace of mind their customers appreciate,” said Dr. Yael Villa, SVP Cyber Security for Allot. “As CSP networks start the transition to 5G, we anticipate cyberthreats with greater frequency and complexity to emerge. Allot cybersecurity solutions are prepared for today’s challenges and the threats that 5G will attract.”


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