First-Year Entrepreneur Brand Building Online Private Coaching Services Launched

CannonSuite is now accepting new students for its intensive mentorship program for entrepreneurs. The bootcamp helps students strengthen their online visibility within their first year of business.

Frederick, United States, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CannonSuite announces that it is once again accepting students for its online Entrepreneur Bootcamp. The intensive mentorship program is recommended for beginner entrepreneurs and startups.

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The reopened application for the CannonSuite Coaching: Entrepreneur Bootcamp allows students to receive one-on-one training with the company’s CEO, Nicholas Han. Han, who is a content marketing specialist, designed the entrepreneur program for anyone wanting to leave their current position and begin experiencing financial autonomy.

The bootcamp particularly helps aspiring entrepreneurs rank on the first page of Alphabet within their first year of business. This is crucial, says Han, as many startups typically fail within 12 months due to a lack of online visibility. He guides his students on the latest techniques in search engine optimization and business branding.

Ranking high on major search engines such as Alphabet adds credibility to any company. As companies compete to be on the first page of these engines, many SMBs fail to get noticed and typically lose revenue after only a year.

Han simplifies this process and works with new entrepreneurs to increase their brand visibility using white-hat SEO. Unlike other startup coaching programs, Han has developed a step-by-step process, or what he refers to as a “business blueprint”, that strengthens a company’s brand using proven techniques that leverage both traditional marketing strategies and the latest content techniques.

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp gives each student manageable and tangible milestones to accomplish. By achieving these goals, students become more motivated to continue pursuing their business and are held accountable for their actions.

CannonSuite is a marketing company based in Maryland that specializes in entrepreneurship training and business branding. Its flagship entrepreneur bootcamp has helped hundreds of graduates improve their online visibility after one year.

To limit social gatherings, students are encouraged to schedule their initial call online.

A satisfied graduate of the program wrote, “It’s unbelievable how many shocking blind spots I’ve discovered through taking this program and would highly recommend for anyone who wants to start a business and make money online.”

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