Sprout Social Announces First-of-its-Kind Social Commerce Solution

New, expanded integrations with Shopify and Facebook Shops enable brands to seamlessly manage their social commerce strategy within Sprout’s unified platform.

CHICAGO, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Sprout Social, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based social media management software, announced new integrations with two social commerce leaders, Shopify and Facebook Shops. Sprout’s platform now enables businesses across the globe to extend their digital storefront and capture part of the $26 billion social commerce market. As consumers increasingly turn to social media to both discover and purchase from their favorite brands, social commerce has become an integral part of a business’ revenue strategy. In fact, 86% of executives say social commerce is a growing part of their marketing-driven revenue plans. That number is poised to rise as the consumers most likely to purchase on social media—Millenials and Gen Z—have increasingly more spending power.

“Social has always had an incredible influence over purchase decisions, and until recently, the actual path to purchase has been disjointed. Someone browsing on social had to navigate to a brand’s website, or go to their store, adding another step and more friction in the buyer journey, ultimately increasing the risk of losing that sale. But buyer expectations have dramatically increased and today's consumer expects a seamless purchase experience in one place, so businesses must adapt,” said Ryan Barretto, President of Sprout Social. “Our fully-integrated social commerce platform will enable Sprout customers to unite their commerce and social workflows. This results in a streamlined shopping experience for customers, and an easy-to-use experience for their team members behind the scenes.”

These new integrations with Shopify and Facebook Shops enable Sprout users to deliver a rich customer care experience and provide personalized interactions throughout the entire purchasing cycle–from discovery to sale and beyond. Sprout customers will now have quick access to product catalogs and historical customer information so they can seamlessly connect an online order with a customer’s social profile and reach customers where they are already browsing and shopping. This uninterrupted social media experience will help drive consideration and sales, while also laying the foundation for marketers to have more informed conversations with their customers and resolve requests more efficiently.

Find out more about how Sprout users can customize each audience interaction, streamline the path to purchase and provide immediate value for both their customers and their business here.

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