WireWheel announces comprehensive European data and languages compliance solution

Arlington, VA, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WireWheel, a leading data privacy management software provider, today announced the availability of a new comprehensive solution for managing GDPR data subject access rights, designed for any company holding, managing, or transferring customer or employee data subject to EU GDPR requirements. 

WireWheel’s new Trust Access and Consent Center GDPR compliance solution enables companies to give their customers, prospects, and employees a high-quality user experience. Companies and data subjects can now fully interact in the language of their choice throughout the entire Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) fulfillment process -  from the initial request to communications about the status of the request to the fulfillment of the request.  

Along with WireWheel’s localized solution for the European Union (EU), which gives customers the option of storing and processing their customer data on the WireWheel platform without that data leaving the European Union, companies can now use WireWheel to comply with GDPR.

With this new functionality, companies can use WireWheel’s Trust Access and Consent Center (TAC) to manage DSAR requests throughout the world and to future-proof their privacy program. The Trust Access and Consent Center can facilitate manual DSAR fulfillment and can integrate with back-end systems to automate data retrieval. 

“We have clients who do business all over the world,” said Justin Antonipillai, CEO and founder of WireWheel. “Our customers need a solution to manage DSAR requests in the European Union and want to give their data subjects the best experience possible. WireWheel’s end-to-end solution provides a seamless and secure solution for consumers and organizations.” 

The announcement comes as WireWheel kicks off its two-day privacy and technology conference on June 29 and 30, The free Spokes conference brings together leading voices in the privacy community for engaging, virtual sessions on critical topics in privacy.

About WireWheel

Based in Arlington, Virginia, WireWheel’s intuitive privacy management SaaS platform delivers privacy programs at scale, enabling collaboration and leveraging integrations into cloud infrastructure and on-premises and cloud data stores. With WireWheel, organizations can support all phases of a privacy management program – including collaboration and vendor risk management – and more effectively comply with privacy regulations around the world, including the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the new California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Learn more at wirewheel.io

CONTACT: Camille Landau