Bholdus – a DeFi project launched by Unius Asia set out to become the leading cross-chain platform for SME financing in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This Singapore-based startup Unius Asia launched project named as Bholdus to offer a comprehensive solution to problems faced by both the traditional finance and crypto world, with a transaction speed 400 times higher than that of the current popular blockchains

According to SME Finance Forum, Southeast Asian businesses face a capital shortage of close to US$300 billion. In one of the larger emerging markets in the region, while private enterprises account for over 97% of the total number of companies, they receive less than 22% of the total amount of funding from banks, indicating a gap of up to US$21 billion. As a result, loans are gradually moving online, with the volume of auto loans reaching 29% compound annual growth.

Riding on this trend, Bholdus works to connect SMEs in the region with funding opportunities from BHO investors. The startup aims to integrate tangible assets with decentralized finance, utilizing smart contracts on a blockchain instead of financial intermediaries to create solutions that offer the best of both worlds.

A spin-off from another blockchain based fintech established from 2018, Bholdus brings together a team of experts in Fintech/Blockchain and an Advisory Board comprising C-level executives from established MNCs. The project looks to provide a cross-chain suite of solutions connecting virtual asset ecosystems such as Binance, Ethereum and Polkadot, and others with features that allows lending, savings, digitizing tangible assets, certifying intellectual properties, et cetera.

In the future, this will be in great demand, as the world's largest exchange currently processes almost 3 billion USD in transactions per day, with 15 million users in 180 countries, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual profits.

Blockchain and DeFi (decentralized finance) will be the future, laying the foundation for more open, transparent, and secure finance. Currently, Bholdus is also building blockchain solutions for capital management systems and distribution channels for multinational corporations in the region.

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