NMSDC Delivers Pathways to Global Prosperity and a Certification You Can Trust

NMSDC certifications protect minority-owned businesses that hire 30% of American workers and contribute $1.4 trillion in revenue. There is priceless value in rigorous vetting.

NEW YORK, NY, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For nearly 50 years, the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), America’s most influential and successful minority business development organization, offered its minority business enterprises (MBEs) the gold-standard certification that has created pathways to global prosperity and a national network to support their growth, development, and sustainability.  NMSDC is aligned with its Non-Government Organization partners guaranteeing our certification processes and standards are resilient and helping corporations to better protect themselves against legal, financial, and tax issues.

Credible MBEs deserve the critical examination, protection, and access that NMSDC has delivered for more than five decades. 

“When Americans demanded that their government address contract disparities among minority businesses and other discriminated firms, the Nixon Administration partnered with NMSDC to close the gap and create solutions.  Since 1972, NMSDC has faithfully answered that charge and helped more Americans realize the American Dream. Through our rigorous certification process, we have given corporations access to qualified minority-owned businesses. MBEs employ more than 30-percent of American workers. Proper certification is not only great for MBEs; they are also great for the American economy,” said Jose Turkienicz, NMSDC Chairman of the Board.

U.S. Census Bureau data reveals that nearly 20% of American employer businesses were minority-owned. Those firms generated nearly $1.4 trillion in annual revenue and put more than 51 million employees to work.

"NMSDC delivers credible certifications that help us identify the companies that spend at $1 billion with minority- and women-owned businesses. BDR is committed to the integrity of the process to certify businesses as diverse-owned companies,” said Shelley Stewart Jr., Managing Partner Bottom Line Advisory LLC and Chairman, Billion Dollar Roundtable (BDR).

Honed and refined over 50 years, NMSDC’s certification candidates are required to be at least 51% minority-owned, -operated, and -controlled. NMSDC confers eligibility after a series of screenings, interviews, and site visits.

"NMSDC did not help create billions of dollars in economic impact overnight. Our rigorous certification process helps ensure that the spend intended for minority businesses go to minority businesses. NMSDC is committed to continue to improve and streamline its certification process to deliver the excellence that is expected from us and the inclusive pathway to prosperity the American marketplace deserves,” added NMSDC Board Chairman Turkienicz.

NMSDC certification delivers access to the top corporate purchasing agents, NMSDC's supplier database, education, and development programs.  These resources coupled with networking opportunities generate procurement opportunities from NMSDC Corporate Members.

“I can confidently state that over 80% of our business has resulted from the power of the NMSDC network and “word-of-mouth” advertising where one corporate member has told another that they are receiving high-quality products and services from a well-vetted, certified Minority Business Enterprise,” said Carlton L. Oneal, President, LightSpeedEdu and NMSDC National MBE Input Committee, Chair.

NMSDC is the only national minority business development organization that provides and guarantees this degree of certification throughout the United States, where MBEs are validated as minority-owned and operated. In addition to staffing a national office, NMSDC supports 23 regional affiliate councils, five international partner organizations, and the Business Consortium Fund (BCF) as its funding partner.

“MBE certification is essential to gaining early market traction by establishing customer relationships," said Sue Bhatia, Founder and Chairwoman, Rose International. “Diversity in business is crucial and being part of this network through the Corporate Plus® program is very beneficial.”

Among other benefits, the NMSDC certification delivers the following:

  • Certifications You Can Trust
  • NMSDC Certification Offers Real Accountability and Tax Incentives
  • Certifications Are More Than a Stamp
  • Neutrality Increases Integrity and Accountability
  • Certifications Are in America’s Economic and Security Interests

Contact NMSDC for additional information about certification benefits or for interviews call 212-944-2430.  Follow NMSDC on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

CONTACT: Tammy Wilkins, Chief of Staff / VP of Operations
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