Balanced DeFi platform releases price charts, statistics page, and the first DAO vote.

The ICON Network’s first design-led DeFi product will give 60% of its $1M+ earnings back to its users if the vote passes.

Dunedin, New Zealand, June 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain WireBalanced today announced an update titled the Geometry Release. It includes price charts, a statistics page, and transaction history. But the major highlight is a vote to distribute the $1M+ of fees generated by the platform since it launched on April 25.

Balanced is a DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation), governed by Balance Token (BALN) holders. This is the first DAO vote which, if approved, will distribute 60% of network fees to BALN holders and 40% to the DAO fund each day.

Balanced is a multi-purpose finance platform where you can take out a loan for 0% interest, swap assets, and supply liquidity. Using ICX as collateral, you can borrow a synthetic asset called Balanced Dollars (bnUSD), which is tied to the value of 1 USD. To incentivise use, Balanced distributes BALN to borrowers and liquidity providers each day.

Since Balanced’s inception, design and ease of use have been the core focus. Only 1% of crypto investors use DeFi products, so the Balanced team wanted to create a platform that’s easy for the other 99% to use, and makes DeFi accessible to people new to crypto.

Within the first 12 days, Balanced participants had created 25 million Balanced Dollars, and the platform had a TVL of $259M. 4 days later, 10% of the ICX circulating supply was held in the Balanced collateral pool.

Here are a few use cases for Balanced:

- Leverage. Deposit ICX into Balanced, borrow Balanced Dollars (bnUSD), then buy more cryptocurrency.
- Mine Balance Tokens. Deposit ICX and borrow up to 20% against it to earn BALN, which represents ownership in the DAO and includes benefits like income from network fees.
- Make stable payments. Borrow bnUSD from Balanced, then use it to make payments without fear of the price fluctuating.
- Offer liquidity on the DEX. Supply liquidity for the Balanced exchange to earn Balance Tokens.
- Trade bnUSD. Trade Balanced Dollars to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.
- Interest rate arbitrage. Take advantage of the 0% interest rate to borrow bnUSD, sell it for an Ethereum stablecoin, then lend it at a higher rate using the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

Balanced is a collaborative effort between ICX StationiBriz-ICONOspherePARROT9MousebeltICONDAO, and Geometry Labs. They chose to build Balanced on ICON due to the network's speed of settlement, tiny gas fees, and an untapped market opportunity for DeFi infrastructure.

To learn more, visit the Balanced website, follow Balanced on Twitter, or join the project’s Telegram group.

About Balanced

Balanced is a decentralised autonomous organisation on the ICON Network that creates tokens pegged to real-world assets. It incentivises people to deposit ICX as collateral and borrow tokens pegged to the value of real-world assets, starting with Balanced Dollars, which is tied to USD. Balanced can facilitate the minting of any asset with sufficient liquidity and price discovery, including fiat currencies, commodities, equities, and more; all backed by ICX and secured by the ICON blockchain.


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