Crown Yourself an Investing Pro with KingsCrowd

San Francisco, CA , June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KingsCrowd is changing the game for new investors. The company breaks down the barriers so that private investing can be attainable and appetizing to all. With KingsCrowd, there’s no more nervous sweating when you think about sending your hard-earned money into the “stockyard.” This trusted team of innovators and technologists, led by founder and CEO Christopher Lustrino, has mastered the online private markets so that any investor can feel confident. As the first ratings and analytics firm to service the online private markets, KingsCrowd helps everyone invest like venture capitalists with institutional-grade data and insights on companies they can actually invest in.

KingsCrowd, which envisions a world where all invest in private equities as if they are public companies, is the right company for the times. As of 2016, individuals can invest as little as $100 into the next big Silicon Valley startup online. The question, however, is how to know which company to invest in. KingsCrowd provides the answer by helping its clients get educated, access insights, and take action to confidently invest like a venture capitalist. 

Think of KingsCrowd like Bloomberg or Morningstar: it provides ratings and analytics on private companies raising capital online via marketplaces like,,,, and more. With just one centralized place, clients can search, discover, and diligence deal flow with over 170 data points on every company raising capital online. It is a goldmine of information for any individual ready to invest.

On KingCrowd’s website, users may gain valuable insights by searching for companies, reading analyst reports, reviewing trending companies, and reading founder profiles. They also have the option to view market analytics and funding reports that can further help them decide whether or not to invest in a company. For those who want to better understand investments, KingsCrowd offers an education page as well as a podcast.

KingsCrowd was founded in May 2018, but its roots began in 2014 through Christopher’s management consulting work done on behalf of private equity clients. After its founding, Kingscrowd was pitched well over 1,000 times, initially receiving many no’s from potential investors, customers, partners and more. KingsCrowd’s team believes, however, that winning is not about winning every time - instead, it’s about learning from losses in order to get back up and keep persevering. That commitment has led to the wild success KingsCrowd has experienced with its subscribers and incredible client relationships. The company has exploded, with $2.5M raised from 2,100 investors and revenue that increased twenty-fold in 2020. The company is run by a team of twenty full-time staff, who support hundreds of thousands of users. It seems there’s nowhere for KingsCrowd to go but up.

The future of KingsCrowd is strong, as the world of startup investing and capital raising is evolving rapidly. Within the next ten years, investing in private companies will be a ubiquitous part of wealth planning and the single greatest wealth driver for most Americans. KingsCrowd desires to continue to grow this market responsibly and to provide education and support resources to empower all individuals and institutions to build diversified portfolios of private companies. 

KingsCrowd has paved the way for the public to invest confidently and precisely. Through persistent research and study of the markets, this company has opened the pool of investment possibilities for those who are finally ready to get their feet wet. Money is made simple, and investing is no longer scary with KingsCrowd. 

For more information on how you can get started investing like a venture capitalist, please check out KingsCrowd’s website:

Christopher Lustrino