Clay Hodges of Ronin Forex Group Announces “Trader Education and Community” Programs

NEW YORK, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trading the foreign exchange market can be quite challenging for a beginner. Without proper guidance and awareness of how the market ecosystem works, it is quite difficult to remain profitable. However, this is where coaching and education programs can help a beginner shorten their learning curve. The Ronin Forex Group is one such Academy that offers “Trader Education and Community Programs”. Through their programs and coaching, traders can learn the power of the markets and master everything they need to conquer Forex. 

Clay Hodges, founder of the Ronin Forex Group and Mentor of the Trader Education and Community programs help traders learn and master the Forex market and also assists them in obtaining resources to get funded by outside capital. Clay personally mentors his students and turns them into confident independent traders who can master the art of trading efficiently. The Trader Education and Community programs teach members how to become self-sufficient, consistent, profitable, and lastly how to overcome their psychological and mental blocks, all while creating a healthy and safe community and environment to trade and learn in.

The Ronin Forex Group’s Trader Education & Community Programs

The programs offered by the Ronin Forex Group are designed to provide structured forex training for beginners and advanced forex traders who wish to learn all about technical and fundamental trading strategies. Members can also follow Ronin Forex Group’s daily trade setups to speed up the learning curve. Additionally, the Community programs have students from all over the world where they improve their trading and learn from both the Academy and their fellow traders. 

The Ronin Forex Group’s 3 Step Process to Success

  • Step 1: Learn How to Trade
    Every program offered by the Ronin Forex Group is designed to help traders learn how to trade forex and use the guided strategies as the foundation of their forex journey.
  • Step 2: Follow Trades and See The Forex Strategy in Action
    Every program allows members to see how professional traders place their trades in a live market and react to the constant movements of currency trends using the forex strategies from the training.
  • Step 3: Practice with Ongoing Community Support
    When traders put their skills into action, they will inevitably hit walls from a lack of experience. That is why The Ronin Forex Group has built an online community for daily support and improvement. This allows members to ask questions to the group for quick feedback and allows them to improve their trading performance in a fun and friendly environment. 

Meet The Mentor
Clay Hodges created Ronin Forex in 2017 by creating a telegram channel for trade setup analysis and signal services. Since then he has created a complete Forex training to show all of his members the strategies and techniques he has used to pass his funding challenges and stay consistently profitable in the markets. 

Today he has students from all over the world learning and trading Forex alongside him and the rest of the community. Most of his students in the community refer to him simply as Ronin - a wandering samurai who has no lord or master. 

Additionally, Clay Hodges of Ronin Forex Group also offers free educational material on his YouTube channel “RONIN FOREX” and on his Instagram page “roninforexgroup”. Traders can start their learning journey with the free resources Clay provides on his YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Benefits of Ronin Forex Group’s Trader Education & Community Programs 

  • High Performance: The Ronin Forex Group’s programs allow traders to go beyond the basics of Forex and take their trading to the next level.
  • Lifetime Access: All academy members get Lifetime access to the community and training.
  • Highly Recommended: The Trader Education and Community Programs are backed by real student results from all over the world.


The Ronin Forex Group is an elite Academy for traders that offers a fun, safe, non-egotistical environment for people who want to learn and build skills and resources that will help serve them financially for the rest of their lives! According to students of the Ronin Forex GroupI joined this amazing community in January and my trading has improved exponentially through Ronin’s mentorship and learning from fellow traders in the VIP chat group. If like me you’re looking for a stable Forex group to learn and whilst improving your finances, then look no further”. The Ronin Forex Group is dedicated to helping traders succeed and master the art of trading.

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