PURE Energy Drink is a Healthy and Crystal Clear Beverage With a Refreshing Taste that Will Have Americans Wanting More

Walmart.com and Amazon Now Carry PURE Energy Drink

PALM BEACH, FL, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As more Americans choose energy drinks to revive them, they are also looking for the healthiest energy beverage they can find.

Even before the pandemic, Americans had become very health conscious. Because of the pandemic, they are more concerned about their health than ever before.

“We developed an energy drink with 90 percent natural spring water because we wanted it to be a healthy alternative to other energy drinks on the market,” said European GT3 & Formula racing car driver David Schiwietz, the founder of PURE International Corporation, which is rolling out its new beverage product line in America.

Schiwietz said he knows that more American consumers are using energy drinks now because most of them don’t get enough sleep at some point every month. A recent National Safety Council survey reports that almost 100 percent of people report that they often have at least one risk factor for fatigue.

The challenge for people who want healthy energy drinks is that most of them are packed with added sugar, often more than sodas.

“We developed an energy drink that has only 10 grams of beet sugar, which is why you won’t get a sugar crash when you take PURE Energy Drink,” he added. “Our beverage gives you a refreshing boost of energy without the unhealthy effects of drinks that are loaded with sugar.”

Being energized is important and critical for many Americans.

With so many people fatigued because they don’t get enough sleep, accidents are happening.

A recent Virginia Tech Transportation study reveals that 20 percent of car crashes are caused by fatigue, a number considerably higher than earlier estimates of 2 or 3 percent. At work, tired employees cause accidents that cost businesses $400 billion.

“PURE Energy Drink contains crystal clear natural spring water and only 10 grams of Beet Sugar, and just the right amount of caffeine to give you sustained energy to get you through your day,” he said.

Schiwietz also has another functional beverage that will soon be available in America.

PURE Energy Drink’s sister beverage is PURE SPORTS Nutrition BCAA, which is a sports product with no carbs, no sugar, 4,000mg of BCAA, 1,000mg L-Arginine, 500mg L-Carnitine, and 80mg of caffeine. PURE Sports Nutrition BCAA contains more than two times the amount of amino acids when compared to its competitors.

“As an athlete, I know I want my sports drinks to help me recover from my workouts fast, and help increase muscle mass and improve performance,” Schiwietz said. “With PURE Sports Nutrition’s high levels of amino acids, we give people what they need in a sports nutrition drink.”

Schiwietz said he expects PURE Energy Drink and PURE Sports Nutrition BCAA will be available at more retail outlets in the future.

“We are taking on the energy drink industry with the same determination I have when get into a race car,” he added.

You can purchase PURE Energy Drink on Amazon and Walmart.com.



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