Flottman Company Inc. is Celebrating 100 Years of Printing Expertise.

Flottman Company achieves centennial status by reaching their 100th year of service.

Crestview Hills, Kentucky | Cincinnati, Ohio, June 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The month of June marks the 100th anniversary of the Flottman Company.  What started in 1921 as a print job shop has now become a leader in commercial printing, pharmaceutical miniature folding and digital marketing.  Currently a woman-owned business and part of the global Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, Flottman Company is still privately held, family owned and operated.  Now in its third generation, Flottman Company continues to grow and prosper.   


“It is an honor to lead the Flottman Company during this historic time and to carry our torch into another 100 years.  We are privileged to have outstanding family, friends, partners, clients and employees, who over the years, made this event possible.  Thank you all.”

                                                    - Sue Flottman Steller, Third Generation, Co-Owner and President 


F.E. Flottman founded the company with a focus on marketing and printing, and the commercial side of the business has grown nearly every year since 1921.  In 1969 R.F. Flottman took over the reins and renewed the commercial printing focus.  He moved the company from Cincinnati, Ohio across the river to Crescent Springs, Kentucky in 1973.  The company moved to a new 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Crestview Hills, Kentucky in 1998, after transitioning to the third generation in 1992 when R.F. Flottman retired.  Today, the company continues under the leadership of two of his children Sue Steller Flottman and Peter Flottman.  Their success continues, and most recently, Flottman Company purchased the Canon imagePRESS, enormously enhancing their commercial print capabilities.  With both offset and enhanced digital printing capabilities, Flottman Company can provide nearly any print solution.


Although Flottman Company has continued to provide quality commercial printing for 100 years, they truly began to differentiate themselves, solidifying their niche as a pharmaceutical and medical device insert provider in 1973. When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required the inclusion of informative leaflets with all pharmaceutical packaging, Flottman Company became a pioneer in the industry and produced some of the first miniature folded physician (PPI) and patient inserts (PI). Flottman Company is now an industry leader in miniature folding and miniature printing for pharmaceutical, medical device, pet care, nutraceutical and commercial goods.  In addition Flottman Company established the Rxperts Printed Packaging Group in 1996, in order to offer complete packaging solutions including folding cartons, labels and inserts.


The company’s innovations didn’t stop with the additions of the pharmaceutical inserts and packaging services.  Nearly five years ago Flottman Company introduced FUSIONWRX Inc. as an intrapeneurial endeavor to create an independent media agency as a complement to the Flottman Company print abilities.  The goal was to create a digital marketing firm that could market, advertise and promote businesses on a grand scale.  In the past three years the FUSIONWRX team has experienced tremendous growth in clientele, sales and revenue.  The Flottman Company’s continuous growth and expansion to meet customer needs is what has allowed it to thrive for the past 100 years.


The Flottman Company name has become synonymous with quality.  The company’s skilled team excels at rapid production, error-free work and on-time delivery. Members of the highly trained staff and production teams share an average tenure of 12 years with the company. Every job that enters the door is held to the strict Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rules and regulations for production.  Flottman Company operates with comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), differentiating them from numerous other print facilities. Flottman Company employees are dedicated to the region, the company and the industry.


The multi award-winning print, design and marketing capabilities of Flottman Company are unparalleled.  It is the company’s commitment to growth, innovation and community that convinced the University of Cincinnati Goering Center for Family & Private Business to honor the Flottman Company in 2008 as Family Business of the Year and in 2010 as Family Business of the Decade. 


While very few companies in any industry have withstood the test of time to celebrate their centennial, Flottman Company is honored to have reached this milestone.  The Flottman Company family business is dedicated to success and upholding the quality of service initiated three generations ago, now with the goal of another 100 years of service. 




About the Flottman Company: www.FlottmanCo.com

Flottman Company: www.FlottmanCo.comFlottman Company is a privately held, family-owned, 100-year young print manufacturing facility headquartered in Northern Kentucky.  Flottman Company is a Certified Woman’s Business Enterprise in its third generation of family leadership.  Flottman specializes in commercial printing, the production of miniature folded and printed pharmaceutical literature and digital marketing.  Flottman Company: One Company, Many Solutions is also home to FUSIONWRX Inc (Marketing Specialists) and Rxperts Group (Complete Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions.)  www.FlottmanCo.com.


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