Brunel completes share buyback program 2021

Amsterdam, 24 June 2021 – Brunel International N.V. ( Brunel ; BRNL), announces the completion of its share buyback program as announced on 1 June 2021, in order to meet obligations under its performance share plan for senior management (excluding Board of Directors). In the period 3 June 2021 up to and including 23 June 2021, a total of 173,636 ordinary shares, 0.34% of the company’s outstanding shares, were repurchased, at an average price of EUR 11.39 per share, for a total amount of EUR 1,977,001.

Below the transaction details related to the last progress update, the period 21 June 2021 through 23 June 2021, of the share buyback program. Detailed information including all individual transactions can be found on

DateTotal shares repurchasedAverage purchase priceTotal consideration
21/06/202113,097€ 11.0447€ 144,652.44
22/06/20215,724€ 11.1738€ 63,958.83
23/06/20217,614€ 11.2284€ 85,493.04
Total26,435€ 11.1256€ 294,104.31

This press release contains inside information as meant in clause 7 of the Market Abuse Regulation.

Press Release Share Buyback 2021 completion