The University of Sheffield Successfully Enhances Learning with Kaltura’s Education Video Solutions

Kaltura’s video technology helped the university rapidly transition to virtual learning and effectively navigate COVID-19 educational challenges

New York, NY, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The University of Sheffield, a leading UK public research university, announced today the successful results of teaching and learning during COVID-19 due to the implementation of Kaltura, the video experience cloud. Kaltura’s video technology had been in use as part of the University’s teaching system since 2017, serving as a supplementary tool for educators and students alike.

Sheffield’s successful navigation of the pandemic’s educational challenges can largely be attributed to its pre-COVID mission to maximize the use of Kaltura’s audio-visual media capabilities. Though many schools struggled to deal with transition to remote learning, Sheffield already had the technology in place to support and promote the University across all of its key areas, including: teaching and learning, research dissemination, public engagement, and marketing and communications.

Prior to COVID-19, Sheffield had already addressed institutional issues that many schools had to navigate for the first time during the spring of 2020, when they first switched to virtual education. With Kaltura’s MediaSpace Video Portal and LMS Video extension for the Blackboard Learning Management System, Sheffield found a unified, interoperable system with a comprehensive media content management system, where videos could be published and easily accessed. Instructors and other staff found that Kaltura’s tools assisted them with managing content – including submissions from students – and offered many different pedagogical use cases for video tools to support learning.

“The introduction of the Kaltura video platform has made a huge difference to my teaching of broadcast techniques in the Department of Journalism Studies,” said Matt Robson, from the Department of Journalism of the University of Sheffield. “We had always struggled to find a reliable system that would allow students to quickly and easily upload their video projects and that would link with Blackboard for the delivery of marks and feedback to students. Kaltura has provided this solution for us.”

Students were familiar with Kaltura’s centralized system, both with consuming and developing video content for their classes. Those that were interested in video creation could easily produce their own media content while receiving support from the University’s Creative Media Service.

Kaltura also enabled interactive, engaging environments to enhance learning through its rich-media feedback, video quizzes, analytics, and audio feedback from instructors tailored to each student’s assignments, among other features

“Educational technology is needed now more than ever by higher education institutions,” said Eynav Azaria, General Manager of Enterprise and Education at Kaltura. “We are proud of the results and feedback that the University of Sheffield has received from teachers, students, and staff members. With Kaltura’s unified video cloud, the University has seized the opportunity to enhance its reputable learning experience by not missing a step and continuing to provide students, as well as teachers and administrators, all the tools they need to succeed.”

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