Group Health Insurance in Houston Is A Perk That Helps Texans To Work in 2021

Rick Thornton, a group health insurance agent in Houston, says that what is happening in states like Maryland right now with stagnant unemployment rates could become a national issue if left unchecked.

Houston, TX, United States, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Houston group health insurance might be in trouble if not enough companies are offering it to entice unemployed Americans to give up unemployment benefits, including Medicaid, and return to work. According to multiple outlets, Maryland’s economy has added 3,800 jobs since April, yet the state’s unemployment rate remained at 6.2%. Nationally, the unemployment rate remains at 6.1% and does not include those who have stopped looking for work.

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Why is this? Well, many people are saying that the jobs that are being offered right now do not offer health insurance, including group health insurance in Houston. On top of that, enhanced unemployment benefits meant to tie unemployed workers over through the COVID-19 pandemic are too sweet of a deal to pass up just to return to work. But those aren’t the only reasons, some say. According to Howard County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leonardo McClarty, who was quoted recently by, “COVID has caused deep reflection and for some, this means a change in career or at least a change in a professional environment. For others the issue is childcare. The impact of virtual schooling cannot be understated and for many, it is hard to return to a job if you don’t have adequate childcare or if your school-age children are home. I like to think that some things will change by fall as kids return to school and we have more traditional school days.”

Rick Thornton, a group health insurance agent in Houston, says a slippery slope exists where lawmakers want to offer a helping hand to Americans who have suffered long enough but also face the problem of those same Americans not wanting to return to work because of a lack of incentive such as health insurance to do so. He also pointed out that if things continue this way in Maryland, it won’t be long before the epidemic reaches national proportions.

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