C.K. McWhorter Chairman & CEO of CTRL USA pivots residential investment portfolio towards the East & South Hamptons

NEW YORK, June 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C.K. McWhorter Chairman & CEO of CTRL USA has elected to pivot a bulk of CTRL USA’s residential investment portfolio (450M) toward the east and south Hamptons. McWhorter who’s winter acquisition focal point of Palm Beach / Wellington Fl will continue the growth of CTRL USA’s luxury residential portfolio with targeted acquisition focuses now within the east and south Hamptons. McWhorter has also showcased intent to possibly partner with Loyd & Towsend Rose in regards to the agencies consultation for CTRL USA’s proper luxury residential curations.

Loyd & Towsend Rose is a carefully curated portfolio of castles, villas, manors, and mansions available for private vacation rentals, combined with a full concierge service. Working closely with its small and scrupulously selected collection of homes, all are located in the most beautiful areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland, and most are surrounded by large family-owned estates, therefore offering total privacy.

McWhorter has continued to showcase strong belief that the traveling consumer market will request and require more and more privacy and exclusivity. McWhorter states; “An upper echelon consumer group is and will continue to request more privacy space and exclusivity in regards to travel that the traditional hotel model will not provide. More and upper middle class citizens and already so the well to do will travel in groups with friends and or family and desire privacy.

Mackenzie Bledsole

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