Connecting the SHECP Community at the Frueauff Opening Conference

2021 Academic Program Theme, “Practicing Equity at the Intersection of Race and Poverty”

LEXINGTON, Va., June 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) announces the official start of the SHECP 2021 Summer Internship Program with the virtual Frueauff Opening Conference taking place on June 3. The event provides interns and the SHECP Community with an overview of the 2021 Academic Program and the summer internship experience, along with opportunities to engage in conversations surrounding the 2021 program theme, Practicing Equity at the Intersection of Race and Poverty.

This summer’s class consists of more than 150 interns, representing 23 colleges and universities, who are matched with more than 110 partnering organizations located in 38 cities. The SHECP 2021 Summer Internship Program will include virtual, in-person and hybrid internships.

“Based on the success of last year’s virtual program and the recent changes in COVID-19 protocols across the nation, we are thrilled to provide multiple internship opportunities,” said Stephanie Rolph, Academic Director for SHECP. “Throughout the course of the summer internships, students will be able to contextualize their work in a larger field of poverty studies and intervention work by engaging in virtual Academic Program components that include learning modules, cohort group meetings, video reflections, and SHECP Keynote events,” she continued.

Summer internships will explore the work that takes place and is needed to bring emphasis on equity and human dignity as seen through a lens of race and its intersection with poverty. Keynotes, presented by leading experts, will share innovative equity-focused economic empowerment initiatives; equity of care for African-American cancer patients; and the impact of policy, racism, and climate change on low-income communities of color.

“SHECP’s commitment to educating toward equity and human dignity in a manner that explicitly recognizes the ways in which race intersects with poverty drives our work to provide SHECP Interns with a space for reflection, research, vocational exploration, and community building activities,” said Jim Langford, Executive Director for SHECP. “We are looking forward to engaging in powerful conversations and meaningful work,” he continued.

SHECP is grateful to the Charles A. Frueauff Foundation for its continued sponsorship and support of the Opening Conference.

For more information about the SHECP 2021 Summer Internship Program, contact Jim Langford, Executive Director, at or visit

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