eQ Finnish Residential Fund investing over 300 m€ in residential properties

Press release
1 June 2021, 9:00 am
eQ Asset Management held a final closing in its first residential property fund eQ Finnish Residential Fund on 28 May 2021. With the 100 million euros of committed capital raised, the fund is going to invest over 300 million euros in residential properties. The unregulated rental properties are located in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region, in Tampere and in Turku. The fund targets single buildings entirely dedicated to rental housing and the portfolio will consist of approximately 1,500 rental units.

The investment activities have proceeded in excellent fashion and the fund pipeline already consists of over 1000 units either in planning or construction phases. eQ Finnish Residential Fund, a closed ended special investment fund, is limited to professional investors only.

Tero Estovirta, Head of Real Estate Investments, comments:

”We have long track record of investing in community and commercial properties and residential property complements our real estate investment range very well. There is, and there will be high demand for high quality housing, with excellent commuting links in growth centers. The residential market has been stable and active throughout the pandemic. eQ Finnish Residential Fund commenced investing activities with full speed and already two thirds of the targets have been identified or are in construction. We have entered the residential real estate market with a long-term plan and we aim to start fund raising for eQ Finnish Residential Fund II in early 2022.”

The gross assets in eQ ’s real estate funds currently exceeds 2.4 billion euros managed by a dedicated team of over twenty experienced real estate professionals. 

Helsinki 1 June 2021

eQ Asset Management Ltd.

Further information:

Tero Estovirta, Head of Real Estate Investments, eQ Asset Management Ltd
 +358 50 593 6194 / tero.estovirta@ eQ .fi

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