SharmaFX – A Unique Approach to the Stock & Foreign Exchange Markets 

NEW YORK, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Learning to trade in the financial markets can oftentimes be overwhelming for a beginner. With thousands of strategies and complex systems that one has to understand in order to become profitable, trading as a beginner can be a challenging task. However, with the right guidance and knowledge, trading can be made easy. SharmaFX is one such organization that specializes in providing mentorship for stock and forex trading. SharmaFX was started with the mission to increase financial literacy and educate traders about the financial markets from a holistic perspective by bridging the gap caused by the constant battle of the hierarchy of market analysis. 

Through their mentorship program, SharmaFX aims to help beginner traders overcome the struggles and challenges they face while trading in the financial markets. Through the combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and market-sentiment analysis, SharmaFX teaches students how to navigate their ways in the world of trading in a well-structured manner. SharmaFX helps students understand the interdependence of economics and financial markets to identify, analyze and take trades that offer high risk to reward setups. SharmaFX has helped hundreds of traders learn and master stock and forex trading while enhancing their financial literacy. 

How is The Mentorship Structured?

SharmaFX has several mentorship programs that include their “Stock”, “Forex”, and “Investments” package. Each program is structured in an efficient manner that allows students to quickly grasp the knowledge required to succeed while trading the markets. The mentorship is structured to help traders understand every aspect of the financial markets through several effective methods. Members of SharmaFX’s mentorship program get exclusive access to -

  • Weekly Webinars
  • Live Trading Sessions
  • Weekly Simulation Sessions
  • Monthly Challenges

Students are also provided with additional content to supplement their learning. The webinars are designed to cover every area of trading and the weekly webinars alternate between various topics. Some of the topics covered in the webinars are “Trading Psychology”, “Risk Management” and “Financial Discipline”. This ensures that students get exposure to every important area that they must understand in order to become successful independent traders. Every quarter, the live sessions alternate between London Open, New York Open, and Asian Open to trade live and assist the students who may trade one session but not the other. This is also accompanied by simulation sessions that help traders learn how to grow, maintain, and manage their accounts using the strategies taught by SharmaFX. 

Members of the SharmaFX mentorship program are also given monthly challenges, through which they can challenge themselves and their peers to ensure they follow proper risk management and discipline. The SharmaFX mentorship program is not a signals program; the mentorship is created to stay true to SharmaFX’s mission of education. This program is designed for people who wish to invest in themselves, their future, and their financial freedom. 

In addition to the unconventional holistic three-analysis approach, SharmaFX is unique because the mentor, Sharma, ensures to build a solid mentor-mentee relationship with her students from the very beginning of their journey. She ensures every student receives customized assistance at every step of their journey, whether that means creating personalized trading plans with the students, one-on-one simulation sessions, or post-trade analysis and following week’s outlook. Apart from SharmaFX’s mentorship program, Sharma also has a weekly Instagram series which is free to join and gain education and weekly outlooks. She is also active on Tradingview and shares her trades from the initial analysis to the end while providing free knowledge. Sharma also streams on Tradingview to live trade or simply provide breakdowns for free. Moreover, through YouTube, Sharma shares weekly outlooks, simulation sessions, and trade breakdowns for people to learn and prepare for future opportunities with confidence.

This is a great way for beginners to start their learning journey in the financial markets as SharmaFX offers various resources to learn and gain knowledge for free. SharmaFX believes that no one trader is the same as the other; hence, the program helps students find and refine their strategies for their success. Her students have been able to apply the gained knowledge in the stock and foreign exchange markets while earning an average of 200% equity increase within weeks.


SharmaFX’s mentorship program offers much more than a regular stock trading or foreign exchange trading mentorship program. It offers value and high-quality education that help students become successful independent traders and earn their financial freedom. SharmaFX teaches skills that can be applied in any investment, helps improve trading psychology and discipline, and opens doors to new opportunities. This mentorship program is all about providing valuable education while building skills to elevate one’s mindset for success in every aspect of life. 

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