Blast Auxiliary Reviews – Legit Portable Classic Desktop AC?

Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC is a portable air conditioning unit that works to provide rapid cooling effects to help users stay comfortable amid the hot and humid spring and summer seasons, but is the Blast Auxiliary a scam or is it a legit air cooling device worthy of purchasing today?

New York, NY, April 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Blast Auxiliary is a portable air cooler and humidifier designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

Available exclusively through, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is ideal for offices, bedrooms, countertops, and other small spaces. With an incredible range of versatility, functionality and overall features, the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner unit is going to be a hot and heavy demanded item this spring and summer season, but is it worth it?

Does Blast Auxiliary really work as an air cooler and regular fan blower? How does Blast Auxiliary work as a humidifier? Is it worth the price even though it has an amazing deal going on of over 50% half off introductory prices? Find out everything you need to know about Blast Auxiliary AC today in our review.

What is Blast Auxiliary?

Blast Auxiliary is a desktop air cooling unit sold through

Each Blast Auxiliary unit has ice trays that pump out freezing cold air to counter the summer heat. It works differently from a standard air conditioner, cooling the air while using less power.

You can use Blast Auxiliary as an air cooler. Or, you can use it as a regular fan. You plug it into any USB port or electrical outlet (a USB cord is included with your purchase).

Blast Auxiliary makers market the device as a personal cooler for bedrooms, offices, and other small spaces. The unit can comfortably sit on a nightstand or desktop, for example, spreading cool air throughout your room. It’s designed to efficiently cool small space around your home – not cool your entire home.

How Does Blast Auxiliary Work?

Blast Auxiliary has a unique design that makes it different from a standard air conditioner. While most AC units use complex cooling technology to cool the air, Blast Auxiliary uses a combination of an ice tray, a water curtain, and a misting device.

Just plug Blast Auxiliary into a standard electrical outlet, then let the unit run. If you want to activate the cooling feature, then you can soak the water curtain in water and let the device run.

A traditional AC unit uses a combination of metal, evaporation, and cooling to cool the air. Blast Auxiliary claims to achieve similar benefits without the high cost, high energy usage, noise, or weight. You can get effective cooling in a small, quiet, and portable device – all at a more reasonable price than a standard AC unit.

To understand how Blast Auxiliary works, it helps to understand the three core features of the portable AC unit, including:

Ice Tray: Blast Auxiliary comes with an ice tray. You put ice cubes (say, from your freezer or a store) into the ice tray to give the unit an extra surge of cold temperatures. Blast Auxiliary makers say you can make the temperatures as cold as “Alaska” by adding ice cubes to the ice tray.

Water Curtain: The middle of the Blast Auxiliary has a water curtain that you can soak in water for extra cooling. Soak the water curtain in water, then run the device. Air will blow over the water curtain, leading to evaporation. The evaporation takes away the heat, creating pleasant and cool air.

Misting Device: Blast Auxiliary also has a misting device that spreads moisture around the air. You can keep your air cool and moist. Most air conditioners work by drying the air: they remove moisture and use evaporation to create a cooling sensation. Blast Auxiliary works differently, adding moisture to the air. Blast Auxiliary makers claim their system is better for your skin and sinuses than a traditional AC unit. Instead of drying out your skin and sinuses, you can ensure they stay moisturized.

Blast Auxiliary Features & Benefits

The makers of Blast Auxiliary advertise all of the following features and benefits:

Personal Cooling Anywhere in Your Home: You can setup Blast Auxiliary anywhere in your home to feel more comfortable. Just connect the device to the nearest power source using the provided USB cable, then let the device run as long as you like.

Ideal for Desktops, Bedrooms, and Other Small Spaces: If you have a small home or apartment, or if you only use one or two rooms, then you may not need a full-house air conditioning system. It could be wasteful. Blast Auxiliary markets itself as an alternative, providing similar cooling without an AC system's high cost.

Adjustable: Blast Auxiliary has three fan speeds. You can choose low, medium, or high airflow depending on your desired coolness. You can also direct airflow up or down.

Easy to Use: Blast Auxiliary requires zero technical skills to use. Just fill the unit with water or ice, then plug it in and let it run. You don’t need to customize settings, set up a cooling schedule, or perform other complex commands.

Moisturizes the Air: Blast Auxiliary moisturizes the air. Most AC units dry the air. They remove moisture, cooling the air by drying it. By adding moisture to the air, Blast Auxiliary may be better for your sinuses and skin than a traditional AC system.

Customizable Coolness: If you want basic coolness, then you can soak the included water curtain underwater, then add it to the unit. If you want extra coolness, then you can add ice cubes to the unit, delivering higher-powered cooling for the extra-hot days.

Blast Auxiliary and Evaporative Cooling Technology

Blast Auxiliary works similar to evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers.

Evaporative coolers take hot, dry air in one end, then expel cool, refreshing air out the other end. They work best in dry climates. If the air is already humid or moist, then an evaporative cooler may not work.

Here’s the basic process an evaporative cooler like Blast Auxiliary uses to cool the air:

Step 1) Hot, dry air enters the unit.

Step 2) The air passes through a water curtain or similar tool (with Blast Auxiliary, it’s a water curtain). Some evaporative coolers have a water distribution system that constantly soaks the curtain with moisture, allowing it to operate continuously. With Blast Auxiliary, you need to soak the water curtain underwater regularly to ensure it keeps operating. Excess water pools at the bottom of the unit in a water reservoir.

Step 3) A fan blows the cool, refreshing air out the other side of the unit into the surrounding environment.

Some evaporative coolers have air filters or pads to improve air quality. Blast Auxiliary does not claim to filer the air. It simply claims to cool and moisturize the air.

Other evaporative coolers have oscillating fans and customizable speed settings. Blast Auxiliary does not have oscillating fans (it does not spin around the room). However, it does have customizable speed settings (low, medium, and high speed).

Some people use evaporative coolers because they’re more energy-efficient. Instead of cooling an entire home, you can cool just the rooms you use. Others use evaporative coolers because they’re more environmentally friendly. They just use water and a small amount of electricity to cool the air.

Blast Auxiliary Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Blast Auxiliary was recently released, and there are few reviews online outside of the official website. Generally, customers seem to be very happy with their Blast Auxiliary unit's performance, and most customers agree it works as advertised to provide significant cooling effects.

Here are some of the customer reviews online at the official website:

The ice tray works to make the air extra cold compared to similar air cooling units; other air cooling units have a water curtain, but Blast Auxiliary is one of the few with an ice tray for added coolness

One customer claims she saved money by switching to Blast Auxiliary from her ordinary air conditioner; she uses the device on her desk and bought two more to place around her house, claiming she now saves a significant amount of money over her original air conditioner

Another customer appreciates Blast Auxiliary because it’s easy to use; unlike “an AC unit with a billion buttons,” Blast Auxiliary is easy for anyone to operate; that customer also claims the device cools her down “in seconds” even on the hottest summer days

Overall, Blast Auxiliary has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the official website. The company also claims the device will cool your air within just 30 seconds. To date, our Blast Auxiliary AC review team found almost zero scam complaints or negative customer feedback but will be sure to update once we find any reputable and rational warnings or alerts worthy of mentioning.

Blast Auxiliary Pricing

Blast Auxiliary is priced at around $90 per unit, although the price drops when ordering 2, 3, or 4 units per order.

You can exclusively order Blast Auxiliary through, where it’s priced like this:

  • 1 x Blast Desktop AC: $89.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 x Blast Desktop AC Units: $179.98 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 x Blast Desktop AC Units: $202.48 + $10.95 Shipping
  • 4 x Blast Desktop AC Units: $247.47 + $11.95 Shipping

This is an extremely generous price given the utility and overall function of the portable air conditioning unit from Blast Auxiliary. The key is to act now and take full advantage of these introductory prices with a staggering half off discount prices going on while supplies last.

Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Refund Policy

Blast Auxiliary is backed by a 30-day guarantee. You can get a refund on all purchases within 30 days. Just ship the items back to the manufacturer to receive a complete refund or replacement.

The manufacturer keeps your original shipping costs ($9 to $12 per order).

According to the fine print, this refund policy does not apply to all purchases. Your product must be “unused/unworn and in its original packaging” to qualify for a refund. If you have used Blast Auxiliary or even opened the packaging, then you cannot request a refund, according to the terms and conditions.

Who Created Blast Auxiliary?

Blast Auxiliary was created by a company that does business under the name Blast Auxiliary. There’s limited information online about where the company makes its products. However, you can find plenty of similar portable air coolers made in China.

Blast Auxiliary makes a range of in-home cooling and heating products, including the Portable AC G2, Wearable AC Plus, Personal Fan, InHome, and Thermometer, among other products.

You can contact the company by phone, online chat, or email form:

Final Word

Blast Auxiliary is a portable AC unit sold online through

The portable AC unit uses ice cubes, a water curtain, and electricity to cool down the air while adding moisture to the air. It works differently from a conventional AC unit, adding moisture to the air instead of removing moisture from the air. It cools a smaller space (like your office, bedroom, or dorm room), but it also uses less electricity.

The only drawback of Blast Auxiliary is the unusually strict refund policy. The company does not seem to offer refunds on any opened or used products. If you tried Blast Auxiliary and did not like it, then it does not seem you can obtain a refund. That’s a much stricter refund policy than most electronics sold online today. Much of this is likely derived from the Covid health and safety protocols of consumer goods, but if this is a red flag of caution be sure to reach out to the company beforehand and express your concerns prior to buying if there are any.

Between the Blaux Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC unit's ability to help personalize comfort and coolness in your immediate living space, to acting as a humidifier, fan and air cooler, this air conditioner is a must have item in 2021 for the spring and summer seasons.

Awkward refund policy aside, Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC is available to order online today through, where it’s priced at around $90 per unit.

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