18 New Bingo Sites in the UK, April 2021 Report on the Best of New Bingo Website Releases

LONDON, April 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leanbackplayer announces their monthly recap of new bingo sites for April 2021: https://www.leanbackplayer.com/bingo-sites/new/

Bingo fans are growing by the second, and bingo companies are taking advantage by presenting new bingo brands with unique games and style, offering features that previous bingo sites may have lacked.

There is so much opportunity in the world of bingo, and new UK bingo website sites provide accordingly.

18 New Bingo SItes in Spring 2021

1. Play Ojo Bingo

Consists of a reliable team dedicated to providing users with entertaining, trustworthy, and fun online casino gaming experience. Play Ojo offers some of the best rewards, support, and communications in the bingo market.

2. Fabulous Bingo

A stylish and attractive pink and red color scheme with various fun bingo games and major prizes to win. They consider themselves the “Nation’s Favourite Bingo Game.” Fabulous Bingo targets the UK and Republic of Ireland.

3. The Sun Bingo

Everyone's a winner through the Sun Bingo platform. Everyday users qualify for a chance to win a surprise: from 5 free spins to 500 in cash. Sun Bingo is the 2018 “Which Bingo” award winner.

4. Zeus Bingo

Is themed after the king of Gods. Players are offered exclusive promotions, daily cashback opportunities, and chances to win massive jackpots. Zeus Bingo is a winner of the 2021 Players’ Choice Awards.

5. Bingo Barmy

Enjoy 27 different bingo rooms offering real money cashback opportunities. With the availability of every bingo game imaginable and guaranteed jackpots with no wagering conditions, this has become a favorite among the users.

6. Buzz Bingo

Since 2008, Buzz Bingo has been offering players the most exciting prizes and incredible jackpots on the web. Enjoy the latest 90, 80, and 75-ball bingo.

7. Mint Bingo

The Mint experience is considered a fun website with amazing bingo rooms and jumbo jackpots. Plenty of 52, 75, and 90-ball bingo rooms to enjoy. Play Bounce’T, Wacky Wednesday, Chatter Box, and many other themed bingo games.

8. Bucky Bingo

Enjoy bingo games with plenty of fun and interesting themes based on TV shows, classics, adventures, and more. With special offers for both the newbies and long-term players, Bucky Bingo is a keeper.

9. Cheeky Bingo

Offers 24/7 support. Enjoy plenty of 75 and 90-ball bingo with frequent promotions and big jackpots. Cheeky Bingo is live and active 24/7.

10. UK Bingo

Offers a good range of 52, 75, and 90-ball bingo games: Late Night Show, WOW!, Daily Doozey, and more! With daily jackpots and fantastic promotions, UK bingo has been around since 2003.

11. Majestic Bingo

There is never a dull moment with Majestic Bingo online. With 27 different bingo games consisting of all 52, 75, and 90-ball bingo games, you’re sure to enjoy yourself as a bingo fan. You can’t forget about daily jackpots and awesome promotions.

12. Kitty Bingo

Become a winner at Kitty Bingo. Kitty includes progressive jackpots of super pots. With a kitty cat theme, kitty owners and lovers will take favor of the platform. Also, enjoy both 75 and 90-ball bingo games that are not only kitty-themed: Burst Bingo, Britain’s Got Talent, Rainbow Riches Bingo, and more.

13. Gala Bingo

A bolder, brighter, and ballsier new bingo game to enjoy. Over 20 rooms of bingo with 40, 50, 75, 80, and 90-ball variants. Progressive jackpot rooms: Deal or Deal and Allsorts. You only need 1p to enter the fun.

14. Mecca Bingo

Over 50 years of Bingo, Mecca Bingo has put several smiles and dances in users’ spirits. Massive jackpots, frequent special offers, and numerous fun theme games that can consistently keep a smile on your face: Main Event Bingo, Cashline, Penny Lane, and more.

15. 888 Ladies

Over two dozen bingo rooms available 24/7. Available for play on desktop computers, mobile, and tablets. Weekly jackpots, mystery jackpots, 52 ball bingo, and more.

16. OK! Bingo

Enjoy 75, 80, and 90-ball bingo games. Themes include Friday Fun, Bingo Millions, Country Road, and more. OK! is Britain’s favorite women’s magazine with an awesome online bingo game.

17. Dove Bingo

Big winners of Dove Bingo reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. With promotions, jackpots, and free spins, with various fun-themed bingo games, this bingo website has much to offer its players.

18. Lights Camera Bingo

Considered the number one bingo site for film fans. This includes fantastically popular 75 and 90-ball bingo games with highly entertaining themes. Trophies, promotions, and enticing jackpots, Lights Camera Bingo is a spectacular play for the UK’s world of gamblers.

How to Choose a New Bingo Site

Our advantage is that we’re ahead of the game when it comes to knowing what the latest released bingo sites are on the market. In addition, we analyze each site and provide in-depth reviews of each one. We illustrate the benefits and disadvantages. This way, users will have a full understanding of each game to make a fully informed decision on whether they are interested in the site or not.

Many of, if not, most of the bingo sites we recommend also have other games that are developed by Jumpman technology. This company has been at the forefront of bingo games for over ten years.

Many bingo fans sign up for new bingo websites and play a few games on them first to get a feel of what they are experiencing. If we have a liking to it, we are likely to return for further play. If we dislike it, we will go on to another bingo site. Everyone has their own style, and that’s why so many bingo games exist today.

The Advantages of New Bingo Sites

Brand new bingo sites are likely to have their very own selling points that are unique. Bingo players may feel inadequate with older sites, but a new one can promise players what they’re currently lacking.

New bonuses and new existing game-style play that capitalizes on newer technology are definitely advantages of new bingo sites.

New bingo sites have also offered slots over the past few years in addition to bingo play. This definitely differentiates their site from bingo-specific sites, enhancing the user’s playing experiences in the process.

Type of Bonuses at New Bingo Sites

  • First Deposit Bonus - To receive this bonus, you must first make a deposit. The bonus is considerably larger than the deposit amount.

  • No Deposit Bonus - This is a welcome bonus to new signups. This is a huge bonus for bingo fans. Many search specifically for “ No Deposit Required” online bingo opportunities in which to take advantage.

  • Free Spins - New bingo sites with slots offer free spins to users, which can lead to bigger prizes.

  • Loyalty Scheme - These are points given to users after depositing real money and playing games on the site. Users can convert these points into real cash prizes and bingo tickets.

  • VIP Scheme - Perks are offered as a user progresses through various game levels. Users can join VIP clubs as a result.

Are New Bingo Sites Safe?

If a bingo site is reviewed here, it is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This means that authenticity is assured.

Compliance accreditation companies like eCOGRA ensure that games are fair and player’s deposits are kept safe. The enterprise Cassava is one enterprise that uses this company.

Each bingo site recommended also has SSL encryption. Player details are kept safe, secure, and are private.

Depositing and Withdrawing at a New Bingo Site

With standard payment methods along with the use of newer technology, new bingo sites offer players a convenient and quality experience when depositing and withdrawing money for ultimate efficiency.

Card providers such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as the Paypal method, are readily accessible to players.

As a bonus, some new bingo websites allow players to charge deposits and gameplay credits towards their monthly phone bills. Players love this idea and participate often. Mostly, online bingo sites that emphasize their mobile bingo version will offer this opportunity.

Will there Be Many Players at a New Bingo Site?

Likely, they will be a considerable amount of players who participate in new bingo games. The reason being, many of these new bingo sites are part of a wider network or owned by a company that already owns other bingo or gambling properties. They will typically use their current database to provide a substantial community for their new bingo website.

Huge prizes are available, and a thriving social network that allows players to integrate easily, make friends and set up online bingo games more often on a regular basis.

What Games Are Offered at New Bingo Sites?

Many bingo sites make it a priority to provide players with as many options as possible for them to enjoy. The number of balls used per game across various theme games is usually a focal point of a player, and sites take this into consideration.

For example, some games include 52 or 75-ball bingo games, while others may consist of 90-ball games. Jackpot sizes are a focal point as well. All games do not have the same jackpot available to players. As far as theme games are concerned, players may play a bingo game centered around their favorite movie, television show, or favorite animal.

In addition to bingo, newer bingo games offer slots for players within the same site. This approach has worked out successfully. Players appreciate this variety.

Can I Trust New Bingo Sites?

Before considering adding money to an online UK bingo game and playing, ensure that it is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Luckily, all of the bingo sites presented on this website are regulated by the official body and have SSL encryption, which keeps the player’s details secure and private.

Can I Play Bingo Using Mobile?

Due to the increasingly high popularity of mobile phone engagement by players, bingo sites are increasingly optimized for mobile play. Companies highly consider the look and interaction on mobile devices.

A large portion of players finds playing on mobile devices a lot easier. Logging in to desktops and laptops is too much of a burden for some. New bingo sites make a valued effort to ensure that their games' mobile version is impeccable as if playing on a laptop or desktop.

Some companies are even offering incentives to join on to their bingo game’s mobile version.

Are New Bingo Sites Busy?

Likely, it takes quite some time before a new bingo site becomes overly popular. Although most of these new bingo sites are built by companies with previous bingo game arrangements online, spreading the word and reviewing these sites is a start to greater popularity.

However, you will find a substantial amount of other bingo players on new sites, as website owners with a previous bingo existence will bring along their current followers. Also, new signups of older bingo sites will likely get invitations to the newer ones.

Who Can Play at a New Bingo Website?

Because playing bingo through new bingo websites is, in fact, gambling, you must be at least 18 years of age. This is the UK's and the Republican of Ireland’s age limit for gambling.

Other than that, there are no other restrictions for signing up and gambling on any one of their new bingo websites. In some cases, bingo sites may use geolocation technology to ensure that the region a player is in actually allows gambling there and not considered as a location of illegal gambling.

Since 1929, when it was invented, bingo has been one of the most fun games around for players to enjoy. Now, the United Kingdom, with the increased popularity of bingo over the years, has taken the bulls by the horns and makes accessible a long list of new online bingo games for adults to win money and have some fun in the process.

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