Syracuse University's iSchool Launches Programs in Data Analytics and Technology in Society

Syracuse, New York, April 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a rapidly changing digital landscape, the School of Information Studies is challenged to ensure that its students and faculty are studying at the leading edge of their field. From human-centered design to cloud computing, machine learning to artificial intelligence and beyond, students and faculty are asking the questions that drive the future of business, technology and society.

It’s with this spirit of innovation that the iSchool announces the launch of two new undergraduate programs: innovation, society and technology and applied data analytics. These two new majors will complement the current information management and technology program and will provide further opportunity for inquiry and exploration.

“We’re excited to add new undergraduate programs at the iSchool,” says Bruce Kingma, director of undergraduate programs. “There’s a growing need to understand data and technology’s role in society. Businesses want to know how to use technology to reach their audiences. They want to improve cybersecurity. And they want to find efficient ways to use and manage data. These new programs give students the chance to specialize in any of these areas. After graduation, they’ll be top candidates for many emerging roles.”  

Students in the applied data analytics program will learn to find, present and apply data insights to anything from policy, to product, marketing and business decisions. They’ll study R and Python programming languages and visual and conceptual data science methods, as well as explore new approaches to machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The innovation, society and technology program takes a liberal arts approach to technology. Students will explore how technology impacts society, studying topics like misinformation, privacy issues and policymaking. They will also learn how social media and technology impact communication, advocacy and social justice.

The information management and technology program will focus on the intersection of business and technology. Students will examine how technology systems are integrated into organizations of all sizes, and how to develop and manage those systems. They will also study topics like website design, cybersecurity and the future of work. 

Each of the programs will prepare graduates with the skills to become innovative leaders and experts in their fields. iSchoolers learn to challenge themselves, so they feel confident entering the workforce. And they are in-demand, earning them the highest placement rates and starting salaries of any school on campus. 

“The job market at the intersection of business, tech and data continues to grow,” says iSchool Dean Raj Dewan. “Our graduates are sought after because we’re always innovating our programs to keep up with the job market and align our programs with what employers are seeking. With these two new programs, our students will be able to specialize in areas that interest them, while gaining the skills that will prepare them for successful careers.” 

New majors are open for current students who wish to transfer. Each major requires 120 credits for graduation. Students can specialize their studies by choosing a concentration. Concentration options include information security management, project management, network and systems management, web design and management, digital retail strategies or innovation, design, and strategy. 

Students can begin enrolling in the new programs for the Fall 2021 semester. For more information on applying to any iSchool undergraduate program, visit the iSchool website.

CONTACT: Daryl Lovell
Syracuse University