Network aims to better enable national public health use cases, various federal interoperability goals

GRAND RAPIDS, MI, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- USQHIN today announced the launch of an innovative and collaborative National ADT Hub Network (NAHN) to better enable national public health use cases and various federal interoperability goals. 

The National ADT Hub Network is USQHIN’s first use case and aims to foster collaboration between vendors, health information exchanges, health systems, government agencies, and health insurers. By working together, participating “Gateway Partners” demonstrate their commitment to addressing individual patient well-being, critical national public health needs, and the greater good.

ADT notifications are sent when a patient is admitted to a facility, transferred within the facility, or discharged from the facility. Notifications are then sent to update physicians and care management teams on a patient’s status, thus improving post-discharge transitions, prompting follow-up, reducing readmissions, improving communication among providers, and supporting patients with multiple or chronic conditions. They can also serve an important role in being able to distribute demographic data and other attributes about patients quickly and efficiently to a patient’s extended care team.

Investments in interoperability over the last decade have improved ADT exchange at the local and regional level. This data is highly liquid and used extensively across the country.  However, the infrastructure necessary to seamlessly support the exchange of hospital/provider encounter data nationally, in alignment with federal public health needs and requirements, does not currently exist. The COVID-19 pandemic starkly demonstrates the critical need and value for real-time access to ADTs and other digital health information integrated at national scale. The NAHN will intelligently step into this national interoperability gap and establish a foundational asset for addressing large, wide-ranging public health challenges like COVID-19.

Commenting on the development of the NAHN, Doug Dietzman, USQHIN Executive Vice President said, “Each of the collaborating Gateway Partner organizations plays an important role in making ADT data actionable for those they serve across the country at local and regional levels. But no single entity has all the ADTs in the country to meet the needs of federal public health agencies or other large national entities.” He continued, “By working together, the NAHN promises and end result that is greater than the sum of the parts. 

A number of vendor and HIE organizations have already signed Gateway Partner letters of intent to collaborate and develop an initial national demonstration project.  The goal is to show, through action, the powerful benefit the NAHN asset can provide for the country.  The group is meeting regularly and expects to showcase the national demonstration project later this year.  Organizations interested in joining the collaborative can reach out at

Seamless interoperability of health information comes when standardized sharing of high-quality data occurs in real time where and when it’s needed. USQHIN’s NAHN is moving smartly and aggressively to meet this need. For more information on USQHIN and the National ADT Hub Network, check out their website at


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