A New Leader Emerges in Nashville’s Building Community

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nashville Siteworks is a construction services company that specializes in site development. The company is recognized in the Nashville building community as a critical leader in project delivery. Nashville Siteworks provides a wide range of construction and building services, with expert experience in demolition, grading, excavation, stormwater management, and landscape construction. Nashville Siteworks was Founded by Alex Burnette, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm.

A graduate of Samford University's AACSB accredited Brock School of Business, Alex offers unique perspective garnered from a triple major in Entrepreneurship, Management, and Marketing and a life-long passion for construction. His experiences range from working under prime national contractors like Robins and Morton and Golden Construction to Co-founding multiple start-up companies. Today Alex is a Licensed Commercial Contractor and the proud owner of Nashville Siteworks.

In 2019 Alex founded Nashville Siteworks, incorporating his previous experiences into an efficient and quality-driven business model. Nashville Siteworks holds a BC-B Licenses and offers a full range of construction services customizable to a variety of project types and sizes. The firm has built a strong reputation for integrity, transparency, and quality work that their customers consistently rely on. Alex has a simple motto for Nashville Siteworks--deliver top-quality work on schedule and within budget. Keeping this mindset front and center of every business interaction has allowed the firm to gain tremendous traction in Nashville's construction industry.

Recent Noteworthy Nashville Siteworks Projects include:

  • Demolition, mass clearing, and preliminary site work for a $30,000,000 Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Nashville. 

  • Site work and landscape installation for the famous Edgehill residence featuring the iconic Dinosaur on Archer Street with Cygnus Construction.

  • Demolition work to prepare the development site for a custom Residential Estate in Brentwood. Site work and Landscape Installation for the 7,600 square foot development will commence in April 2021. The $4,560,000 is sponsored by Bravo Development LLC.

  • Demolition work to prepare a Brentwood development site for a new 8,000 square foot estate home. Nashville Siteworks removed the existing 6,000 square foot home, 1,500 square foot guest house, three-car garage, large tennis court, pool, and pool house. The project sponsor Bravo Development LLC anticipates commencing construction mid-summer 2012. Nashville Siteworks will be responsible for all grading and an extensive landscape installation. 

  • Mass Clearing, Sitework, and landscape Installation for an 8,000 square foot estate in Brentwood costing $4,800,000 in construction with Bravo Development  
  • Nashville Siteworks participated in metro stormwater installations throughout Middle Tennessee in 2020 valued at over $250,000. 

"Nashville Siteworks strives to continue to be one of the leaders in our local building community. We promise to continue delivering a consistent product not only to meet but exceed our client's expectations. Our mission is to ensure our clients, vendors, and partners can trust Nashville Siteworks to always be a reliable partner both on and off the jobsite."
-Alex Burnette, Owner, Nashville Siteworks

Alex Burnette
Nashville Siteworks LLC
1209 Pine Street 
Nashville TN
Number: 615-935-9679