Bid procedure, 2020-11-24
BondsKOMMUNINVEST I SVERIGE: 2311, SE0010948240, 2023-11-13

KOMMUNINVEST I SVERIGE: 2505, SE0011414010, 2025-05-12

BidsBids on interest and volume are entered via Bloomberg Bond Auction System
Bid date2020-11-24
Bid times10.00-11.00 (CET/CEST) on the Bid date
Requested volume (corresponding nominal amount)2311: 1000 mln SEK +/-250 mln SEK

2505: 1000 mln SEK +/-250 mln SEK


Maximum 2000 mln in total
Highest permitted bid volume (corresponding nominal amount)2311: 1000 mln SEK per bid

2505: 1000 mln SEK per bid

Lowest permitted bid volume (corresponding nominal amount)SEK 50 million per bid
Expected allocation timeNo later than 11.10 (CET/CEST) on the Bid date
Delivery and payment date2020-11-26
Delivery of bondsTo the Riksbank's account in Euroclear Sweden AB's securities settlement system 1 4948 6383
General Terms and ConditionsGeneral Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions för the Riksbank’s Purchases of Bonds via Bid Procedure 2020:3, dated 20 November 2020 (see the Riksbank´s web).

Stockholm, 2020-11-20

This is a translation of the special terms and conditions published on In the case of any inconsistency between the English translation and the Swedish language version, the Swedish language version shall prevail.