GBAB Announces Effectiveness of Investment Policy Modifications and Name Change

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, as previously announced, the Guggenheim Taxable Municipal Managed Duration Trust (“GBAB” or the “Trust”) made modifications to certain non-fundamental investment policies along with a corresponding name change. The modifications are primarily intended to provide the Trust with greater investment flexibility while remaining consistent with the Trust’s overall investment objectives.  

The Trust expanded its non-fundamental 80% investment policy to include, in addition to taxable municipal securities, other investment grade, income-generating debt securities, including debt instruments issued by non-profit entities (such as entities related to healthcare, higher education and housing), municipal conduits, project finance corporations, and tax-exempt municipal securities. In addition to the 80% investment policy change, the Trust (i) removed certain limitations on the composition of the other 20% of its net assets plus the amount of any borrowings for investment purposes (“Managed Assets”), (ii) removed the limitation on illiquid investments, (iii) added a policy to invest at least 50% of its Managed Assets in taxable municipal securities and (iv) changed the level at which the Trust seeks to maintain its leverage-adjusted duration from generally less than 10 years to generally less than 15 years.

In connection with the investment policy modifications the Trust’s name changed to: Guggenheim Taxable Municipal Bond & Investment Grade Debt Trust. The Trust will continue to trade on the NYSE under its current ticker symbol, “GBAB”.

No other changes to the Trust’s other investment policies or the Trust’s portfolio management team are currently anticipated, nor is it currently anticipated that there will be substantial portfolio turnover in conjunction with these changes in the immediate future.

No action is required by shareholders of the Trust in connection with these investment policy modifications or the change in the Trust’s name.

For updated information and a discussion of the risk considerations associated with an investment in the Trust, please visit the Trust’s website at

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This information does not represent an offer to sell securities of the Trust and it is not soliciting an offer to buy securities of the Trust. There can be no assurance that the Trust will achieve its investment objectives. An investment in the Trust involves operating expenses and fees. The net asset value of the Trust will fluctuate with the value of the underlying securities. It is important to note that closed-end funds trade on their market value, not net asset value, and closed-end funds can trade at a discount or premium to their net asset value. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

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