From Serving His Country To Real Estate: The Story Of Lorenzo Acevedo & Ace Street Realty Corp

Tampa, Florida, Oct. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After Retiring from the United States Army and serving time in Afghanistan, Lorenzo Acevedo came back home to the United States with a dream to realize. 

With that, Ace Street Realty Corporation has now become a reality.

About Lorenzo Acevedo:

Lorenzo Acevedo hails from Brooklyn of New York in the United States of America. He retired from the US Army and after that spent a few more years in federal service at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

After leaving from that, Lorenzo earned himself a Master's degree in Business Administration and now works as a real estate broker and investor. Throughout the years, Acevedo has owned and managed several businesses with his most latest venture being Ace Street Realty Corp. 

About Ace Street Realty Corp:

Ace Street Realty Corp is a small, dedicated team of savvy realtors who understand the importance of client-agent relationships and genuinely enjoy what they do. They pride themselves in having realistic, truthful answers to all the questions their clients may have and swear to be their advocate from the moment they begin working for you.

Ace Street Realty Corp is based in Tampa Bay which is also their area of operation. They admit that there is much more to buying or renting a home than the specificities of the property itself. But at Ace Street Realty, they value your time and their thorough knowledge of Tampa will help guide your decision-making in a way that is always to your benefit, guaranteed.

Their marketing strategy is very endearing and sincere. They do not restrict viewings to a few photos and list your property on the MLS. Instead, they blend tried and tested marketing techniques with more modern specialized digital marketing strategies to get your listing in front of serious potential buyers. One size fits all is not something you will ever hear the team at Ace Street Realty say.

They buy, sell, and invest in real estate. At Ace Street Realty, they are committed to helping buyers find the right property. Their experienced team will help you find the right property and then attain that property at the right price. In case you are looking to sell your property, Ace Street Realty is there looking out for you. Ace Street Realty provides you with the expertise needed to sell your home fast and at the highest possible price. Ace Street Realty offers a comprehensive approach to make sure you are informed and your property gets to the exposure necessary for it to be sold in the most convenient manner possible.

To find out more about Lorenzo Acevedo and Ace Street Realty Corp, visit their website: 

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