Oxford Technology 2 VCT Plc - 1st Quarter Results

Oxford Technology 2 VCT Plc presents its quarterly update for the period commencing 1 March 2019. 

The Directors have recently reviewed the valuation of its entire portfolio as at 31 May 2019.

The unaudited net asset value per ordinary share (NAV) as at 31 May 2019 was 30.8p. This represents a decrease of 0.6p from the net asset value per ordinary share at 28 February 2019. Post the quarter end, OC Robotics have announced the imminent release of funds in escrow of which Oxford Technology 2 VCT Plc is to receive £327,500. As trailed in the Company’s Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 28 February 2019, only half of this has been included in the current published NAV, and hence this will increase the NAV by just over 3p per share.

The total return to shareholders including previous dividends of 21.0p per share is now 51.8p per share.

  The total number of ordinary shares in issue is 5,331,889.

The Directors are not aware of any other events or transactions which have taken place between 31 May 2019 and the publication of this statement which have had a material effect on the financial position of the Company.

3 July 2019

Lucius Cary, Oxford Technology Management
01865 784466

 [rr1]I thought the NAV at 28feb19 was 31.4p? so surely this must say 0.6p?