SunWire's Expanding Again!

Scottsdale, AZ, July 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anthony Burt started working for SunWire in July 2018. Funny enough the guy was only here a week before he started putting his trainer to absolute shame. This man has worked diligently within our company as one of the greatest communicators we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His contribution to our Sales Team has changed the way we look at communicating and even more important, listening to our clients. “When I was hired at SunWire, I noticed that it was different than any other company I’ve ever worked for,” Anthony said when asked about his first take on the company. “This is the first company that my growth actually depends on how hard I work. There was no false hope of a promotion that would never come, unlike some other companies I’ve worked for before.”

Because of Anthony’s hard work he was considered for our Management Training program immediately. His raw talent was exactly what we were looking for in a manager and, less than a year later, it paid off.

By working harder than anyone else on our team, Anthony’s work ethic above all else paid off. He was promoted to Assistant Director in October and trained on how to manage one of our fortune 500 clients. “Getting to work with some of the biggest clients in the world is an amazing opportunity. I’ve really learned a lot.” By sharpening his skills in our office, Anthony became more than just a great communicator in our office. He became a great leader. That’s why when the opportunity to expand into Casper, Wyoming arose, we didn’t have to think twice about who we wanted to lead the project.

According to an article published by USA Today writers, Samuel Stebbins and Thomas C. Frohlich, back in February 2018; Wyoming is ranked the 7th highest state in education. Although citizens with a bachelor's degree rank at only 27% of all Wyoming citizens, 61% of adults between the ages of 25 - 64 are earning far above the average median income. In fact, the industry in Wyoming is so great it actually ranks as the 3rd highest paid state in The United States. The opportunity for growth, productivity and success was cultivating in Wyoming. “Anthony was the obvious choice.” Weston, CEO of SunWire commented.
“Casper is a small market but the business down there is so juicy, it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. I believe there was no one better for the job than Anthony.”

When Anthony was asked to head the expansion into Casper, he was over the moon. “I got this job and agreed to go on this expansion because I have a dream: take care of my family, buy a house and spoil my kids.” This opportunity not only means that we get to expand our reach, but also that we get to entrust someone who we had the pleasure of seeing grow within our company with an entirely new branch. Anthony will essentially own and operate the business in Casper, WY and it could not be any more deserved. When asked about his thoughts on the expansion, Anthony had this to say: “When I was offered the opportunity to head our expansion into Casper, I realized that I would not just get to be a business owner, this will set my family up for the future and this is the first step to running a large organization of my own.” Our Casper expansion launched in December 2018 and we couldn’t be any more proud.


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