Stable results Coca Cola expected

Next Tuesday Coca-Cola will publish her Q4 results. The analyst consensus for the American beverage company's Q4-revenue over 2013 lies at 2,03 billion dollar. The expectation for last year's total revenue is at 8,21 billion USD (2012 revenue: 8,06 billion USD).

The net result consensus is 687 million USD, this implies a 2,51 USD net result per share. 2012's net result was 667 million USD. This estimated result in an estimated price/earnings ratio of 18,31. Coca-Cola's Shiller PE equals 22,43. The sector PE is 34,88.

Price past 12 months Coca-Cola

graph-Coca-Cola, price-Coca-Cola

Per share a dividend payment of 0,8 dollar is expected. If this is paid the actual dividend return is 2 percent. The peer group's dividend return equals 1,81 percent.

At 13.57 the stock traded at 0,41 percent higher at 46,15 dollar. The stock is covered by 6 analysts. The average target price is at 42,8 dollar (7,26 percent lower then the actual price).