Bitcoin-related theft has shattered China’s reputation to the core- Three Chinese Nationals suspected for their involvement in bitcoin stealing

The police department of China has framed three nationals who are ostensibly involved crypto theft. The authorities deemed that these three suspected individuals stole bitcoin and other digital assets that were worth approximately 87 million dollars. This seizure is considered as the biggest robbery in the history of China.

The Chinese Law Enforcement Authorities confront the most prominent challenge ever

The police authorities in China claimed that these accused individuals stole 600 million yuan through hacking. They targeted the valuable data in personal and business computers and hence succeeded in taking such a massive sum of money.

South China Morning post cites that one of the officers from law enforcement authority has claimed that this is the first digital currency crime ever in the history of China. That’s why its vast investigation is tantamount to the crime itself.

The investigation gained momentum in March when one local of Xian, who fell prey to evil strategies of the hackers, complained that his system has crashed. He told the authorities that the unidentified muggers had seized $15 million or 600 million Yuan worth bitcoin at bitcoin core and Ethereum.

The professional background of the accused in the limelight

According to the results of the investigation, the law enforcement authorities concluded that these three suspects had a far-reaching high-tech experience. It is because they were the employees of leading internet companies. However, we are still in the dark about any information or data regarding these companies.

The authorities also asserted that the suspects after seizing the bitcoin worth millions of dollars split them into fragments. From these fragmented procurements, they directed numerous dealings that made their activities untraceable.

The identities of the suspects were finally revealed

It took the police department and law enforcement authorities a lot of hard work in discovering the status of the suspects. They composed a lot of records and information regarding the suspects’ whereabouts and placed them under acute analyzing procedure. After that, they were able to name these suspects. The first one by the name of Zhou was the inhabitant of the central Hunan province. The name of the other two alleged ones came two months later; a Beijing national Cui and a resident from Jilin province, Zhang.

Before the suspects were arrested by the police raid last week’s Wednesday, they were kept in full day monitoring process. However, the investigation hasn’t ended yet as confirmed by the police authorities.

The police department also notes that because of the increasing popularity of bitcoin-related transactions in China, the crimes related to them are also increasing side by side. They also claim that because of the lack of any centralized control over bitcoin activities, the alleged cases of crime are therefore difficult to solve.