A ground breaking blockchain app; can track information of 760k diamonds!

The recent blockchain app is on the full swing. ZhongAn insurance that is the affiliate of Chia’s initial broker firm that deals solely through web has made a mind blowing proclamation. According to its working, it has placed 760k diamonds worth data on a blockchain.

An important and innovative announcement made

ZhongAn technology is one of the accredited firm in Hongkong. Recently, it has made a major announcement that it is introducing an innovative tender that fosters gem or diamond tracking. This application is inaugurated on Tuesday which propels locating blockchain facility. In this way the level of stalking and tracing in the luxury market can be heightened.

This tracking blockchain application is advertised and promoted by a recent ally of ZhongAn, Diamsledger. This ally is a result of the joint collaboration of ZhongAn and an online diamond trading company Ediams.

The purpose of the application

First of all, this product is fashioned in accordance with the peak of ZhongAn decorum of blockchain network that controls the bitcoin. On the Anlink cloud framework, this application is presented.

Basically this program of diamond tracking is implemented for certain diamonds firms in the industry. They include diamond dealers, diamond manufacturers, companies that deal through taxes and logistics and the centers that deal with the exchange of bitcoin.

In the nutshell, the major aim of this application is to trace every bit of information, trivial or important regarding diamonds. Furthermore, this application crystal clear record to a network that has no centralized control. In this way, every bit of information of their diamonds purchase can be given the customers from its time of production.

How the application works?

GIA, NGTC and HRD are the certificates that are given to the customary industries. So the application works in correspondence with these certified industries. The purpose of application working in similar way like these certified industries is that it helps the customers to understand any facts regarding the particular diamond purchase. By just typing the certificate number, all the record and facts and figures regarding the diamond can be visible through the gateway on Diamsledger.

The CEO of Diamsledger, a firm that is an affiliate and a branch of ZhongAn claims that the diamond tracking software has made a ground breaking performance on Anlink. According to him, through this application, it has been a lot easier to track the information regarding 760k diamonds. Such information has been downloaded on Anlink in the middle of the month of July.

Furthermore, the CEO Zhang asserts that the application has guarantee and validity with the customary certificates. In this way, what benefits the customers is that they can have an access of information regarding the physical state, color and birth place of their diamonds through this application.

At the end of the day, it can be concluded that the installation of this app shadows the preceding creativity from ZhongAn. This app also borrows creativity from other blockchain application that trails and records the food chain supply. Moreover, this app also adheres to the obvious filing for the block chain solution in order to safeguard itself from unauthorized use.

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