Visionary International Announcing to Enter Asia Market

LONDON, June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Visionary International founded in London, is a Mining Service Company. In Chia mining, Visionary International sell their mining spaces to clients. Visionary International welcome clients to join them from small to big amounts.

Other than Chia mining service, Visionary International will be launching Swarm/Bzz mining service once it is available. Buying Computing power can allow small and lazy investment. Customers purchase the Computing Power for a limited duration, and Visionary International will payout its profits when they mined coins during this duration. This is like renting a hotel room in a hotel to get rental profit. Clients rent the hotel room for hotel management to rent to other customers, the client get his profit without worrying room maintenances and administrations.

Chia created a smart coin language "Chialisp". Everything on the chia blockchain is a coin. Smart coins deliver smart contract and smart transaction capabilities in one package. Chialisp has been designed for security and simplicity, while allowing for powerful and broad functionality. Applications running on Chia Network's blockchain are intended to have functionality appropriate for banking, payments, asset issuance, global exchange, and other financial applications. 

According to Chia officials will open a NASDAQ listing in August 2021, with participation in the form of equity for a total of $30-50 million. Wall Street professional investment bank valued at $20 billion! Chia has always had a good relationship with the Securities and Exchange Commission and an eventual public offering or listing is an integral part of its product and business strategy. It's financials are fully disclosed for transparency and public reporting under the U.S. 1933 Act and the 1394 Act.

Visionary International will be catering services for its Asia Pacific clients such as adding in more Asian languages to its website and also opening service centres in Asia. Visionary International will expand its servicing products and aim for a public listing by 2024.

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