Homeliness.in Announces Launch of New Website for Indian Appliance Consumers

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West Bengal, India , June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sourav Roy, the Chief Editor of Homeliness.in is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new website exclusively created for Indian Consumers. The website assists people in finding the best home and kitchen appliances. Microwave ovens or air conditioners, water purifiers or washing machines, refrigerators or televisions, this site has it all.

Sourav Roy, an Alumni of the University of Calcutta is an IT professional who likes any other consumer in India has had multiple inconveniences while buying a product based on little information and the enthusiastic salesperson’s convincing pitches. Buying a home appliance always starts with a series of doubts. Thanks to the many brands who launch the same versions of products thereby making it even more confusing for an average Indian consumer.

Homeliness.in Appliance Reviews
Homeliness.in Appliance Reviews

At least two-thirds of consumers in India buy a product based on reviews whether it is online reviews or those provided by their friends or acquaintances. The second best reason is brand loyalty wherein customers who have been following a brand for years will still prefer the same brand even if the counterpart has something better to offer. There are several factors that determine the purchase ultimately. However, with so much information and so many options, it is no wonder that consumers get confused even at the smallest price points that they intend to purchase for their homes and kitchens.

Roy has provided a site offering information on choosing the best home and kitchen appliances such as the best microwave ovens in India or the best water purifiers in India.

The website is now updated with the latest reviews on all home appliances including the best washing machines in India. And it doesn’t stop there. Readers don’t just get to understand the top-rated washing machines currently trending in the country, but they also get to understand various other types of washing machines such as – front load, top load, fully automatic, semi-automatic, etc. They could also browse by brand, understanding inverter technology, the difference between powder and liquid detergent, and cleaning tips. The same goes with the best water purifiers in India with exclusive information on Reverse Osmosis, UV and UF water purifiers, checking TDS of water, groundwater pollution, arsenic poising, the effect of heavy metal contamination in drinking water, and so on.

For those who are looking for the best AC in India or the best refrigerators in India to beat the heat this summer of 2021, Sourav Roy has got it all covered. It takes a lot of preparation, homework, research, testing, and most important investment of time to create a website like this for the benefit of Indian consumers. And Sourav does it with great perseverance and attention to detail. If not anything, the in-depth reviews will surely help customers make informed decisions before buying any product. Whether it is the best microwave ovens in India or the best AC in India, the decision-making is just a click away.

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