Result of the option for the payment of the 2018 dividend in newly issued shares

The Shareholders’ Meeting of April 26, 2019, decided to propose to the shareholders a dividend of €0.60 per share with the option for the dividend payment in new shares of the Company (“scrip dividend”). 

The issuance price of these new shares has been set at €16.77. This corresponds to 90% of the average opening share price for the 20 trading days on Euronext Paris preceding the Shareholders’ Meeting less the net amount of the dividend and rounded up to the nearest euro cent.

The option period for the scrip dividend started on June 14, 2019 and ended on June 28, 2019 included. Shareholders having chosen the scrip dividend represented 80,42% of Tarkett’s shares.

The Management board has decided, under the delegation provided by the 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting, to proceed to a capital increase of 9,137,925 euros with effective date on July 4, 2019.  1,827,585 new shares have been issued, representing 2.87% of the share capital and 1,90% of the voting rights of the Company, before issuance of these new shares and on the basis of the share capital and voting rights as of May 31, 2019. The total number of outstanding shares after this capital increase is 65,550,281.

The settlement and delivery of the shares and their admission to trading on Euronext Paris will occur on July 4, 2019. These shares will carry dividend rights as of January 1st, 2019 and will be fully fungible with already listed existing shares.

The cash dividend payment to the shareholders which did not opt for the scrip dividend amounts to € 7,458,203.40 and will be paid on July 4, 2019.

About Tarkett
With 135 years of history, Tarkett is a worldwide leader of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions. Consolidated net sales reached €2.8billion in 2018. Offering a wide range of products including vinyl, linoleum, carpet, rubber, wood, laminate, synthetic turf and running tracks, the Group serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. With 13,000 employees and 36 industrial sites, Tarkett sells 1.3 million square meters of flooring every day, for hospitals, schools, housing, hotels, offices, stores and sports fields. Committed to “Doing Good. Together”, the Group has implemented an eco-innovation strategy based on Cradle to Cradle® principles and promotes circular economy, with the ultimate goal of contributing to people’s health and wellbeing, and preserving the natural capital. Tarkett is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment A, ISIN: FR0004188670, ticker TKTT) and is included in the following indices: SBF 120, CAC Mid 60.

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