Imtech: Allegations possible wrongdoing in 2008-2010

As indicated in the press release on Investigations past issues on November 4th 2014 Imtech receives whistle blower notifications from time to time. The whistle blower notification on project Eemshaven was received end of august 2014. As is customary an immediate investigation was started by Imtech's GRC department with external assistance. So far the investigation has not confirmed competition law violations. However the investigation is ongoing.

In line with market practice it is Imtech's policy to not prematurely publish such investigations. Doing so could harm the investigation itself and third parties in particular if allegations prove false which is not uncustomary for whistleblower notifications. The risks associated with such investigations are disclosed in the prospectus on the rights issue. The prospectus sets out how the whistle blower procedure works, and that whistleblower notifications have been received and are under investigation and that there are sector related risks to competition law violation. At the time the prospectus was published, the findings in the investigation were insufficiently concrete to warrant more detailed disclosure. Imtech will update the market on the outcome if the internal investigations, as soon as these are finalized in line with regulatory requirements.